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Essential TFC Files: You'll get the latest patches, maps, models, sprites, utilities and more to make sure your game is completely up to date and optimzied.

Top 50 TFC Files: An easy reference to find out what really popular files you might want.

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Team Fortress Classic Database

About Team Fortress Classic: Learn where this mod for Half-Life came from and what you need to play it.

Bots: want to play with some bots so you don't get slaughtered to badly online? No problem. Find out how to get them and get playing here.

Maps: Custom maps? The aptly named "Maps" section is a good place to start.

Survival Map Series: PlanetFortress' mission is to get community maps downloaded and played by as many people possible. This is why we have the Survival Map Series. Grab it and play something new!

Modding: How to change the look of menus and fonts, create custom HUDs and sprites, and share your creations with others. Add a little flavor to your daily helping of Team Fortress 1.5.

Models and Sprites A perfect compliment to our Modding Section, hit up a few extra models and sprites that we've collected to check out.

Spray Logos: You've seen them in the game, but how do you use them? This guide tells you everything about logos, from making them to using them.

Console Commands, Binds, Aliases, and Configs: What's the difference between these, and how can they help you optimize your game?

Voice Communication: Take advantange of the in game voice communication. Your experience will never be the same!

TFC for Newbies: Misanthropy has everything there is to know for the newbie TFC player to help you have a great gaming experience.

TFC Reform Project: The TFC Reform Project is out to make TFC the best game possible.

Team Fortress Classic | Survival Guide

We've left no stone unturned in our complete and thorough guide to playing TFC. When you're through, you'll be the king of the server.

Introduction: A brief description of the history of TFC and how it came about. The team aspect versus the Death Match mentality, including a quick class guide. Quick instructions to get into your first TFC game if you have the latest Half-Life patch installed and working.

Setup: Instructions for installing Team Fortress Classic. Where to grab the download or install through Half-Life. Tweaking your game, and fine tuning your setup. Options to consider, basic settings, and trouble shooting.

General TFC Guide: Joining an online game. Choosing a Class. The rundown of all weapons (Rocket launchers to sniper rifles, Shotguns to Crowbars, and Sentry Guns to Detpacks), and grenades (your new best friend).

Classes: Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demoman, Medic, HWGuy, Pyro, Spy, Engineer, and Civilain. Knowing is half the battle.

General Strategy: Clan Games: What is a clan? Clans are not for everyone. Where to find one to join. Public Games: The public free for all. What did you get yourself into? Rules of Engagement: What you say is what you are. How would you like to be treated?

Team Fortress Classic | Tech

Do you need help with TFC technical issues? PlanetFortress is here to help you! Our TFC Tech section has everything you need:

Networking: We tell you all about connecting to TFC servers, how to deal with latency, and other networking issues.

Updating Half-Life: Get the patch and back in the game.

Video Errors: If you're experiencing video problems, we might have the solution for you here.

Windows XP Compatibility: Windows XP and Half-Life do run well together. There are a couple settings you may want to change though for the best preformance.

Other Questions: If it wasn't covered anywhere else, check here in our catch-all section.

Team Fortress Classic | Server Guide

Introduction: The minimum requirements, do you have what it takes?

Quickie Server: Lets be quick about it! The part time or occasional server.

Permanent Installation: Lets be quick about it! The part time or occasional server.

Add-ons: The Admin Mod, Anti-Cheat Programs, & more.

TF Tech Server FAQ: FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions, bo-diggity. [Yes, I was running low on descriptions.]


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