Team Fortress Classic | Survival Guide

The Team Fortress Classic Survival Guide

So you want to come out of your cozy little Half-Life single player world and have at it with the big dogs instead of cowering like a beaten puppy under the porch? Good deal! We'll do our best to get you going in one of the most enjoyable, multi player experiences ever to hit the online gaming scene.

Welcome to PlanetFortress and our Team Fortress Classic Survival Guide. One of the most important things to do to get the most out of your TFC experience is to read the Team Fortress Classic Manual (TFCcontents.htm) included with the Half-Life update. A lot of what is in there will simply be repeated here in our own words. You can find that in your Sierra/Half-Life/tfc/manual folder. Read the info there and a lot of questions will answered. However, if you simply refuse to read the manual, then continue on and we'll try to set you on the proper course to playing the greatest, team based, online game ever!

In the following text, you will find a list of the sections along with a brief description of what is in each section. You can select a section to check out further from the descriptions below, or from the TFC Guide menu bar on the left. Each section has its own contents listed at the top of the page. They are internal links that you can click on to take you quickly to the section you are interested in.

  • What is TFC
    A brief description of the history of TFC and how it came about.

  • Give me more
    A little about the game. The team aspect versus the Death Match mentality. Quick class guide.

  • Quick Start
    Some quick instructions to get into your first TFC game if you have the Half-Life patch installed and working.
Setting It Up
  • Installing TFC
    Instructions for installing Team Fortress Classic. Where to grab the download or install through Half-Life.

  • Tweaking your game
    Fine tuning your setup. Options to consider, basic settings.

  • Trouble Shooting
    Some of the problems we have heard about and a few suggestions and solutions.
General TFC Guide
  • Getting Connected
    Joining an online game. Half-life/TFC mod interface and GameSpy.

  • Choosing a Class
    What do I want to be today? Pick a class that suits your skills, connection and character!

  • Hand Fired Weapons
    Choose your weapons! From Rocket launchers to Sniper rifles, Shotguns to Crowbars, we got them covered.

  • Grenades
    How to blow your friends and enemies into giblets, with authority!

  • Special Weapons
    From Det packs to Sentry guns, your remote fired and automated weapons are covered here.
The Classes
  • Scout

  • Sniper
    Long range death machine.

  • Soldier
    A slow moving but deadly grunt who wants to put a rocket up your......

  • Demoman
    An explosive class, pardon the pun, a force to be reckoned with!

  • Medic
    The healing hand, or the deadly germ spreader from hell.

  • Heavy Weapons Guy
    Simply the most brutal and unrelenting delivery of lead you will come across.

  • Pyro
    The flame guy wants to light your fire baby!

  • Spy
    This foul creature wants to place a knife between your shoulder blades!

  • Engineer
    Building a better mouse trap is not his objective pilgrim!

  • Civilian
    May the crowbar be with you!
General Strategy
  • Clan Games
    What is a clan? Clans are not for everyone. Where to find one to join.

  • Public Games
    The public free for all. What did you get yourself into?

  • Rules of Engagement
    What you say is what you are. How would you like to be treated?
Thank you for visiting the PlanetFortress Team Fortress Classic Survival Guide. If you happen across any glaring errors in the TFC guide, or see where we may have glossed over something you think should be gone into more in depth, don't hesitate to give us a buzz. We don't claim to know it all, and know there is always room for improvement. This guide is a work in progress and will be added to from time to time, and because of that, in all actuality may never be what you might call finished! Thanks again!

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