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TFCAA 1.0.8 released - [dhcp]Silicon 05/14/02
Included in this release are various fixes for HL1.1.0.9, as well as rudimentary CS support.

Development lull - [dhcp]Silicon 03/11/02
Not much else seems to be needed in the TFCAA at this point. I may begin work on a CS version in the near future, as it may help the TFCAA's popularity a bit. Please let me know if you have any features suggestions for the CSAA!

TFCAA 1.0.7 released - [dhcp]Silicon 02/18/02
After a week of testing, the uneven team kick has been deemed stable enough for another release. Since this release was mainly to fix that issue, little else has been added. However, a lot of code was tidied up, and a couple of new things have been thrown in.

Final testing of TFCAA 1.0.7 - [dhcp]Silicon 02/13/02
The uneven team kick code has been stabilized, so expect a "point release" in the next few days!

Also, I tested the TFCAA with mIRC 6.01 to make sure it still works. It works fine, but mIRC itself kept crashing (machine uses winXP) so I suggest you DO NOT upgrade to it. It also got rid of all of my settings when I installed it, and I had to re-initialize the TFCAA scripts. Doh!

TFCAA 1.0.7 in testing - [dhcp]Silicon 02/05/02
After the release of 1.0.6, we found that the uneven kick wasn't working properly far too often. This has hopefully been dealt with in the new code, which is currently undergoing heavy testing just to make sure.

In addition, I've made a few other changes. The user list the TFCAA retrieves is now based on the output of the STATUS command, instead of USERS. This provides a lot more info, such as ping, IP, and duration of their visit. Check out this screenshot to see what the new user list looks like through DCC chat:

The pings are color coded - green is for 0-125, yellow for 126-300, and red for 300 and above. This provides an wasy way to see how people are pinging to your server.

TFCAA 1.0.6 released - [dhcp]Silicon 01/29/02
Wow, HUGE update this time! Check the version history on the Files page for full info. Lots of new documentation has been written to cover the added features, so check that out too!

TFCAA 1.0.6 in testing - [dhcp]Silicon 01/04/02
I've been slowly working on the TFCAA over my company's forced vacation, so more things are now announced through IRC. The main addition is the tracking of scores! It works great automatically on most 2fort and dustbowl style maps, but not so much in avanti, which is buggy as hell from an RCON standpoint. Ah well.

I've also been working on the side to get limited web functionality working. You'd have to have a webserver installed on the same machine as the TFC server, but that shouldn't really be an issue with enough bandwidth, and the files created by the script are small. So far it puts an image of the current map up, which is great for live stats pages. It's also tracking friends on the server, and lists when they were last seen there. You can check these out at The Official [dhcp] Site.

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TFCAA 1.0.5 Completed! - [dhcp]Silicon 12/05/01
The new version is ready! Highlights of this update include vote kicking (no admins of any kind necessary!) and more event broadcasting to IRC. Grab it now!