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11/01/99 - Fare Thee Well

     Things have been incredibly slow lately. Lately meaning... well... since TFC. *Shrugs* I've been waiting and waiting for mods to show up, but they just haven't happened. Sure, a few people have done some work here and there... but mostly crosshair work. It simply isn't as exciting and lively an area of TF anymore. I wish it was, but since I'm no modeler... I don't have any control over it. As to updates to the files, there are three. One, I must apologize for delaying. It was my own fault.
     The three updates are as follows. RatX's new Sentry Gun, Azure's Hi-Res X-hair Pak, and Azure's Low-Res X-hair Pak. Check them out. I hope that you can get some enjoyment from them. As for me, I'm going officially into the inactive mode of the TF Community. The game's lost alot of it's appeal for me... at least for now. And the future doesn't honestly seem too bright. Everyone has been great, no doubt. And I'm still here. Just... not as noticably.


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