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ThunderVote News
Monday, 06-05-00
ThunderVote 2.2 with Source Code Released

New ThunderVote release with a few additional changes made by Elmar Hoffman:

  • "sv_gravity" isn't set anymore so that it can be changed for the vote map in the server config files.
  • Clients execute "vote.cfg" on entering the vote map and "votedone.cfg" before the mapchange to the voted map. This allows having special settings only for the votemap.
  • "mins", "maxs" and "size" of "info_decoration" entities are only set when not present in the maps entities thus allowing to actually change them by the map entities.
  • The sound "misc/null.wav" doesn't get precached anymore (when specified as one of the voting sounds via the localinfo keys) as that messes up qwsv.

Grab it here and the source here.

Monday, 08-09-99
ThunderVote 2.1 Source Code Released

Wow! This page hasn't been updated since last year (*cough*)! I'm sorry I haven't had any time to make updates to the code too. I think this is such an AWESOME mod for QW (ok, how lame is it to have the author pimp his own mod like this?), and I guarantee ALL server admins who had the guts to set up and run ThunderVote on their servers were more than satisfied. Here's a rewarding email I got from Jacob George some time ago:

I must say that ThunderVote is by far THE BEST way for voting in a Quake mod!  I love it!  As a QW TF admin, its EXACTLY what I wanted...finally a TRUE voting method!  I must say my deepest congratulations on such a WONDERFUL mod.  I like it so much that I made a perl script to make the vote40.ent (kind of like what >V< SPEEDanator did for the original Vote40.bsp, but different) for the maps inputted.  But I'm sure you've already done something similar...since you ROCK!  Thank YOU for ThunderVote!

--== Jacob George/Stomp [qVa] ==-

Dude, that email alone sure meant a lot to me, it made the whole effort of making this mod well worth it. :) Ok, before I start getting emotional, the source code's available due to a few request from server admins, check the files section. Enjoy!

Saturday, 11-21-98
Entity Editing Tutorial

I've prepared a brief tutorial on entity editing for those having trouble making a map into a ThunderVote voting map. Check it out.

Tuesday, 10-06-98
QBSP Problems

There have been some complaints regarding the standard ThunderVote .ent files, due to errors some versions of qbsp report with them (something about motd_stuff having values that are too big). The version I'm using works fine but runs only under Win32. Get it here.

Please contact me if you have newer versions of QBSP for linux or DOS that can successfully compile these .ent files.

Monday, 10-05-98
New ThunderVote 2.0

ThunderVote 2.0 has been released. New features include:

  • Advanced voting rules (min/max voting time limit, min/max number/percentage of votes, min/max number/percentage of vote approval)
  • ANARCHY Mode
  • New server options: no_maphelp, no_anarchy, snd_anarchy, no_since
  • "no_since N" server option forbids a map from appearing on the map candidate list if at least N different maps weren't chosen since last time it was chosen. This allows for some map rotation while maintaining voting capabilities
  • Brazilian-portuguese version available due to some requests (contact me if you're interested in having versions for other languages)
  • Many other small bug fixes & enhancements

Check details on new features in the Docs section.

Support for Clan Arena, Final Arena, Threewave CTF, Expert CTF and ThunderWalker CTF

Download modified qwprogs.dat for these mods in the Files section. They offer a simple added feature that allows them to be used with ThunderVote: the "exec_cfg" serverinfo key. Use it in the STANDARD.CFG to specify what script the mod should exec instead of changing levels. Check out the Docs for more info.


Download the latest ThunderVote here.

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