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Harbinger released to the public!!
  [23:30 EST / 12September02 / Update: AKULA-J-]

It's finaly here! After a way too long dry spell Z-Factor has finaly released something new. Download harbinger right from here! The new gametype blends the best of CTF with command point system to form something that's easy to learn along with offering a huge number of options in strategy. Screen shots for the map can be found right here. With any luck I'll be able to con a few server admins into running the map this weekend. I'm still working on that front as of now. :/

Beta testing now over.
  [18:00 EST / 09September02 / Update: AKULA-J-]

The beta testing phase for harbinger is now over with and I'm putting the final touches on it for the formal release this weekend. Check back here on friday to pick up my newest TFC map. See you on friday my loyal 7 readers....lol

Harbinger preview updated..
  [2025 EST / 29August02 / Update: AKULA-J-]

Just finished updateing the Harbinger Preview with 8 new screenshots of the map. Now you'll have a much better idea of how it looks.

I would also like to remind everyone that Harbinger will be playtested over at the Department of Engineering tomorrow at 4PM EST. The public is more than welcome to join the playtest and get a first look at the map ingame long before the public release. Space on the server is limited so don't be late. :)

Harbinger playtest this SUNDAY!
  [2025 EST / 29August02 / Update: AKULA-J-]

Yep folks you're reading that right. This sunday at 4PM EST Harbinger will be playtested over at the Department of Engineering.

If you would like to join the playtest just visit the Department of Engineering hit the testing zone link on the nav bar and from that page you'll have all the information needed to join the sunday playtest. The beta map for harbinger can also be downloaded from that page as well. This will be Harbinger's second online beta test, I kept the first one low keyed incase I made a fool out of myself. Current release date for the map is now set for 13september02 barring any problems. Yeah, I know that's close to 911 but we can't allow things like that to control our lives....Well I won't at anyrate and I had a front row ticket to the Pentagon burning that day.

I'll add ALOT more screenshots to the Harbinger preview in a few days. Keep your eyes open people....I feel that a great TFC map is about to come your way.

Holy shit on a stick...
  [0309 EST / 08August02 / Update: Lord Bishop]

Imagine what I thought to myself when I just happen to stroll on by this "inactive" site of mine. I was only here to swipe some old javascript code on the site I did before. Why look it up in a book when you have a perfectly good web page online that did precisely what you needed? So there I was staring at this site with news on it. Talk about feeling dumb founded (which is quite ironic because the web page I was swiping my own code for is www.dumbfounded.net)

Wow I dunno wtf to say for the minute. *stares* Other than holy shit Akula, me and you need to chat. See I too can hijack the site! Though this made me laugh a lot "At least LB coded the site so it was easy to figure out." Yes I'm a leet HTML programmer, I'm good like that. Though you should see my shit now slick. Puts this garbage to shame. Just don't expect to be seeing my ass around here on a regular basis...

All I really got to say is...wow...fuck...I didn't even know there was a Cydonia 2!

I christen thee "Harbinger"
  [2100 EST / 06August02 / Update: AKULA-J-]

At long last I have something real for the public to see!! *ZZZZZIIIIIIIPPP!!!*....ummm....wait....

Anyway, I finaly have a few screenshots up for the new map now called Harbinger over at the Projects section. Granted it's not exactly much as of right now but I'll make sure to add a few