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Red Storm Entertainment (RSE) returns to reclaim the gauntlet with its newest tactical first-person shooter, named Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. A semi-sequel to the hit Rogue Spear, in this all new stand alone game you acquire an elite tactical ground force unit which you command. With the increased AI (artificial intelligence), the single player mode should prove to be challenging.


The focus of this new game changes from counter-terrorism units in the Rainbow Six series, to the elite "ghosts", special forces army troops. The maps are more out in the open as opposed to most of the prior RSE games, where you were in building and ships. 21 new, larger maps, size 400x400 vs. RS largest map being around 150x150. Maps are filled with caves, mountains, rivers, battlefields, and cities. New special effects added are more realistic, from smoke from burning vehicles and houses, to rain, fog, mud and water on your uniform after laying down if its raining. New character specialties (rifleman, demo, sniper). With certain weapons specific to each character specialty, you must choose carefully and coordinate your platoon. You can also unlock "specialist" by completing bonus objectives. These characters carry special new weapons, such as the OICW. is host to the mulitplayer, along with GameSpy Arcade.


Teams in multiplayer mode can consist of human- and AI-controlled soldiers, and there is the option to respawn. Damage is also location specific and effects the character's performance, leg shots cause you to limp, arm shots cause decreased accuracy, headshots and well you will be KIA. Each player model has have specific skills broken into 4 groups, stealth (decreases the chance that the enemies will detect that character), weapon (determines how quickly the aiming reticule closes and how tight it gets), endurance (keeps you character more active even after taking wounds), leadership (provides a performance boost across the board for all members of the fire team). As you move through enemy territory and defeat the enemy, you will be awarded points for your skills.


Some of the *NEW* Games Features are:


  • Multi-player games that support up to 36 players- 4 teams of 9 players
  • NEW gaming modes Hamburger Hill and Recon.
  • Choice of NEW weapons and equipment
  • Dedicated multi-player arenas
  • Characters will also be able to go prone and shoot. (Lie down for all the kiddies)
  • You will also be able to shoot moving while crouched (Rogue Spear only allowed you to shoot while sitting still).
  • Still won't be able to jump (which is still a good thing)
  • 4 different skill categories, which you can add skill points over the course of the campaign
  • Optional respawning in Multiplayer (you can limit the number of lives)
  • Special Effects have increased as you have to fight fog, snow, rain all the way to the sun's glare
  • Threat sensor replaces heart beat sensor




You will find the plot behind Ghost Recon in here.




If you find yourself stuck then why not have a look in here to try and find the solution to your problem.




Have a look at some of the weapons you can expect to be using in Ghost Recon.


System Requirements


Why not make sure that your system is packing enough meat before you pourchase this game.

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