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The year is 2010, and great changes are afoot in Cuba. Fidel Castro's heirs have been unable to keep the fire of his revolution burning, and a popular uprising has toppled the Communist regime. In its wake, a fragile hope for democracy emerges. The interim president Pedro Ebana, promises free elections, and requests international assistance to safeguard those election. For there are those in Cuba who do not want to see democratic regime, and they will do anything it takes - subversion, viloence, or open revolution - to make certain that Cuba's future is the one they create for it. From the midst of Chaos, the call goes out for the Ghosts. Their mission: to ensure the integrity of the Cuban elections by thwarting any attempts made to subvert them. And as a violent revolution funded with drug money brews in the western provinces, it becomes clear that might be the Ghosts' most dangerous mission yet.




- 8 new single player missions. Wage jungle warfare across Cuba in the toughest campaign yet.
- 5 new dedicated muliplayer spaces.
- 12 new wepaons including the SR-25 Sniper Rifle and the MM-1 Grenade Launcher.
- 3 new multiplayer modes: Cat and Mouse, Defend and Behemothh, fully compatible with your original Ghost Recon game.
- New enemies, new weapons, new missions and an all new war.




Publisher: UBI SOFT
Platform: PC, XBox
Category: Action Adventure
System Requirements: PC, Xbox video game system; Xbox compatible controller, Xbox compatible memory card for saves; Xbox Live for Online play



E3 2003 Game Footage

Date uploaded: 05/16/2003

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Ghost Recon Island Thunder Trailer

Date uploaded: 09/20/2002

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Bathroom of death

Date uploaded: 09/09/200

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