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Rumours of a terrorist organisation were all that was needed to bring us to action. Static in the radio. ‘Tango’ on the roof. Hostage present. ‘Bravo-One, do you have a shot?’ Asked the Captain. Bringing my massive Barrett 82 into baring, I had the armed suspect in sight. I instinctively answered ‘Affirmative Captain.’ He was frantically trying to pull the young brunette about. She was clearly in distress. I lay there motionless. When the order came, I felt a massive thud against my shoulder as I whispered ‘Tango neutralised’. The woman was clearly in shock, but it was too late now, the breach was in progress and from now on, we were in charge.


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Urban CrisisTM brings you in the heat of the action as you play the role of a counter-terrorist. It is up to you to choose your exact role in the formation; will you be a heavy weapon specialist, a sniper or simply an assault unit? Each of these specialists is porting a different weapon with different capabilities. Choose wisely.


The game uses a first person perspective where you get to shoot down enemies and try to avoid hitting hostages in the process. The player has three different worlds to visit. Each of these is made of three levels for an awesome variety in terrains and situations.


Every world brings forth a new challenge and a new layout. Terrorists get increasingly aggressive as you get to new levels, thus adding to the suspense and the fun factor at the same time. Will you triumph? And remember. You are…


The Last Line of Defense!




  • A unique FIRST PERSON SHOOTER on Java phones.
  • Extremely popular license and respected videogame lineage.
  • Game depth : 8 different missions, split into 18 stages of action.
  • 2 levels of difficulty.
  • Realistic environments and varied graphics.
  • Immediate fun, with a breath-taking action.
  • A Campaign Mode, with an increasing difficulty !




Check out the hardware that you can get your hands on in rainbow six!



Phone Availability Rainbow Six Urban Crisis


Nokia : 3410

Siemens : C55 / CT56 / M50


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