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03-03-2004 : 2:00AM

 Update 2004

Just checking up on the website. I have pretty much decided that I am through modding for Rogue Spear and Urban Operations. This site will remain on Planet Rainbow Six for as long as Gamespy will keep it. That way my mods and tutorials will still be available to those that would play. I am now currently making maps for the Unreal Engine. This includes Unreal Tournament 2003 and Raven Shield (UT2004 soon!). I currently frequent the 3D Buzz forums for Unreal modding where I go by the nick "thediggaman".
Unreal Tournament 2003 Modding Forum by 3D Buzz.

Get in touch with me, my 3D Buzz Profile

Learn to create your own maps in UNREAL! Learn 3D Studio MAX, Maya, UnrealED 3.0 and tons of other graphics packages totally FREE! The most amazing resource for 3D and 2D artists.


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