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2002 Stat Semper/ William Barr

Since 28-04-2001

Planet Rainbow Six

Want to star in your own videogame? Well we have a proposition for all you GR fans out there...

=Drag= are currently working busily on a new Red Sun mod for Ghost Recon but how would YOU like to appear in it as a member of the Ghosts or NPC (terrorist, hostage etc)?
If so send your name and a picture of the front and side of your face (these two images should be SHARP & CLEAR .jpgs or .gifs around 350x350).

All pictures must sent to grmodpics@hotmail.com ASAP!

For more information click HERE.

Latest News

30:10:02 - A Stat Semper Update: Still On-line!
Well things are going well with Red Sun at the moment, I've managed to create a total of 8 brand new models and around 14 new skins for them. These include NPC, terrorist and team characters, some screenshots can be seen below:

Also I've been working on numerous other textures including the new =Drag= helicopters and a few car models. In addition to all that I've been working on extra face textures and am proud to announce that after tedious, long, time consuming negotiations (well, a few e-mails) some members of the PC Gamer UK staff will be making an appearance in the mod, a bit like Mr Jim Rossignol here...

You 2 could appear in Red Sun...

As for the Stat Semper site - you can expect an overhaul in a month or two, I haven't been updating it much recently due to my commitments to the Red Sun mod but once it's out of the way I hope to redesign the site and, naturally, start work on a few more projects ;)

'Till next time!

- William (AceB)


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