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  Welcome to Planet Tribes
Good byeGreetings from the staff. The Starsiege and Tribes franchises have had a very exciting run, but it is time for us to move on. Tribes started out as an off-shoot of Starsiege (as a matter of fact, this site was origionally planetstarsiege). While Starsiege was the last game of Earthsiege series, Tribes took up the banner and continued from Tribes to Tribes 2, to finally Tribes: Vengeance. We have seen the game start as a minor off-shoot of a major series, and turn into an online phenomeon in its own right. What we leave behind on this site, is an archive of the wisdom of our community. From hosted sites, to our still-active forums, and troubleshooting pages, so you can continue enjoying one of the greatest games ever created. Thank you for your support over the years, and hope to see in the future. Look for continued greatness from Garage Games in games such as Fallen Empire: Legions and Starsiege: Tribes, games you can play right from your browser at Planet Tribes has had a very rich tapestry of people that helped to make it happen. From our founder, tAng, to the current staff, we have had a great crew bringing you the latest in Tribes, Starsiege, and Torque news.

Thank you,


  Hosted Sites
Here are a list of hosted sites which cover everything from artwork, to maps, to map prefabs. We even have the original All Your Base site hosted.
  • Hosted Sites - These are our current hosted sites.
  • Bad CRC's All Your Base Are Belong to Us - This is THE MAN behind the craze!
  • Studio Uriel - Some of the BEST Tribes artwork to be found, anywhere.
  • Mapper's Extreme - The oldest Tribes mapping site in existance. They have tons of killer maps, tutorials, and whatnot.
  • Necrobones Maps - Prolific mapper, covering all 3 Tribes games
  • Catalog of Prefab objects - All kinds of prefabs both add-ons and ones from the game itself.
  • Phantomstranger's Models - Some of the greatest models were turned out by Phantomstranger
  • Forums
  • Planet Tribes Community Forums - This is the place to find answers to your questions about setting up, and running Tribes.
  •   Torque Game Engine
    The Torque Game engine is the actual engine that Tribes 2 ran on. Garage Games has taken the engine, and extended it, releasing it as a low-priced engine, to allow indie developers release games on an engine that rivals that of large commercial game engines. The current version of Torque Engine is the Torque Shader engine, which has taken the Torque engine far further than the one seen in Tribes 2. Here are links to some great projects produced by the Torque Engine.
  • Garage Games
  • Dark Horizon - Lore
  • Orbz
  • Starsiege 2845
  • Ascension
  • Legends
  •   Tribes: Vengeance
    Tribes: Vengeance is the final game in the series. It features the first single player game in the series. It was built on the Unreal 2004 engine, and had a small group of dedicated modders for it, using the Unreal based tools.
  • Tribes Vengeance files
  •   Tribes 2
    The sequel to one of the best games ever released. Taking the Tribes game to the next level. This engine would go on to be licensed by Garage Games, and called Torque.
  • Tribes 2 information and files
  •   Tribes
    Tribes is THE GAME that started it all. It was WAY before its time, and new games today, are copying the best parts of Tribes, including Capture and Hold game types, vehicles, and custom weapon loadouts. The engine was used in Tribes and Vengeance.
  • Tribes information and files
  •   Starsiege
    Starsiege was the 3rd "Earthsiege" game, featuring giant "mechs", called HERCs. The game featured the voice talents of Mark Hamill. This is also the game who's name is now featured on the fictional universe it takes place in.
  • Starsiege

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