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This page contains an index to the hosted sites at Planet Wolfenstein.

More than a level review site, better than a database, Allied is the source for RtCW maps and user voting. Submissions, Flak and more, just sign up and join the pack.

Annihilation: Fog Over Europe
Annihilation was originally planned for Q3A, but the new Enemy Territory game was just far too tempting to pass up. The mod will bring new classes, weapons, maps and much more to the already hot action of ET!

ATB Maps
Mapping and teaching is what this site is all about. Popular levels, including training levels for specific weapon types, you can even get your feet wet making levels. Tutorials, levels and more here!

Bubba's Castle
Coming to the RtCW scene with a great mapping history, Bubba's tutorials have helped many to create levels for themselves. Maps, prefabs, tutorials, now we get Bubba with that Wolfish style!

(The Enigma Machine) Binds, scripts, configs and more, this is where you'll make your game, your game! Learn to create your own with the easy to use tutorials. Get tweaking!

The GSPM (Global Server/Player Mapping Project) is the global positioning system for the World of Wolfenstein. Players and servers will be listed on the maps. Easily see who and what servers are near you! For the is the community!

Iron Eagles
Helpful scripts, tools and more are the stock and trade over at Iron Eagles. Get all you can out of RtCW with a trip through their doors.

The Lurking Fear
Home to the RtCW addon, Time Gate, this collection of map makers is offering up more tense action for fans of the single player game! Zombies, Lopers and soldiers...oh my!

The MDC File
MDCs are Castle Wolfenstein's 3D model definition files. The MDC File gives you an introduction to RTCW's three dimensional world and explains the issues of 3D rendering and animation. Detailed information is provided for those who want to remodel the whole game, but don't worry everything is easily explained.

No Man's Land
No Man's Land is a Return to Castle Wolfenstein modification based on the first World War. The main focus for this mod is to re-create the trench warfare and certain battle scenes of WWI. New weapons, graphics, HUD and more are all part of the show!

Project Battlefield
Maps! Project Battlefield is all about supplying players with custom, quality multiplayer levels to keep the frags fresh. Richly themed, the goal is a map pack of online action that will make your Mauser moist.

Rummie's Maps
Guess what you get from Rummie's Maps...yup, maps! One of the first to be making them for RtCW, he's on the ground floor of the community. The place will also be a source of mapping info and help, so stop by to get into the scene.

The Russian Front
The Russian Front is a Return To Castle Wolfenstein Modification which puts the player in the middle of the greatest conflict known to mankind. Featuring a new single player game, spanning 8 campaigns, you play through the war as Pvt Mikhael Novikov (Misha).

shrub mod
The shrub mod is designed primarily to give admins increased control over every aspect of gameplay so that they may craft a unique form of playing. Loaded with features for admins and players alike, this one keeps things fresh and tastey online!

Maps and mapping for RtCW, that's what SiX has for you. You can enjoy some new levels to play on and/or learn to make your own, and that's gonna make you the life of any party, as most mappers will tell you.

Tram Design
Tram design is both a general Wolfenstein mapping site and a source of original projects by the Tram Design team. They have mapping resources, news, files, and detailed tutorials for mapping and scripting.

VaPoRiZeD Software
VaPoRiZeD Software is the place to go for Wolfenstein utilities. Already sporting an animator and RtCW Log Analyzer, you'll need to get VaPoRiZeD to get the most from the game

The War Room
Level reviews and maps available in packs, the War Room has what will get you on new ground. Custom maps from across the web in big, phat hunks!

WildFyre Productions
WildFyre Productions is your foundation for original designs, ranging from ground breaking new map scripting such as the Blitzkrieg gamemode, to classics like Capture the Flag. Mix it in with a bit of controversial miscellany, and you've got yourself a place to find your muse for RtCW mapping and scripting.

WildStar's RtCW Maps
WildStar's got herself a new home on PlanetWolfenstein and she's stocking all the RtCW maps you'll ever need to stay fresh and fragging. Pay a call on WildStar, she'll set ya up!

The only AI opponent for RtCW (Not for Enemy Territory), this one's a work in progress that's in playable versions now! Battle the Bots on the beach!

Wolfenstein Flash Movies
A great series of Flash movies you can watch online to see the funny side of RtCW. Very popular for showing our human short comings in training film format, you'll not want to miss the show!

Wolfenstein Under Mapping Power (WUMP)
WUMP is a general Wolfenstein mapping resource site, containing tutorials, tips, resources, and map reviews for 3rd party Wolfenstein maps.

Wolfenstein Weapons and Realism Mod
Set to add more "real world" bite to RtCW, this modification will throw more kick and new weapons into the mix, and that's just for starters! How about a new class and adjusted class sytem for a fresh new face in online play?

Wolf Photos
This is where you'll see other RtCW players pics and show the world your cheese eatin' grin. Be part of the community and mug for us! | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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