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Here you'll find a variety of articles related to Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Ve haf veys of makingk you read zem...

WolfBot - kaji Interview
Just over a week ago, kaji surprised the Wolfenstein community by unleashing WolfBot, the first publically released multiplayer bot modification for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Thanks to kaji for taking time out from his busy programming schedule to talk to us about his pet project!

Jesse "Hummer" Snyder Interview
Jesse Snyder, better known as 'Hummer' amongst the Wolfenstein crowd, has designed some of the most popular and colourful custom levels for Return to Castle Wolfenstein to date. In addition to making regular appearances in the PlanetWolfenstein Forum Games, Hummer's Kung Fu Grip and Infamy levels have been featured as map choices in the Teamwarfare League's RtCW ladders.

Wolf Tactics - KnyteHawkk Interview
We've been hearing about the class-based Wolf Tactics total conversion of Return to Castle Wolfenstein for over a year now, but the time is near my friends, the first public release is only a matter of weeks away! Today we talk to team leader, Jared 'KnyteHawkk' Larsen, about the development of Wolf Tactics and much more.

Hewster & BoltyBoy Interview
From The WildWest comes Hewster and BoltyBoy, two blokes from the UK whom carry the distinction of being the first team to release a full-featured RtCW conversion! Today we talk to the tag-team modders about their past achievements, current projects, future goals and women volleyball teams. Including the goods on the new Helga Mod!

Meet Ze Team Sportscast Network
Helga's got the goods on the hottest online gaming broadcasters in a huge interview with the TSN crew! The guys gave it up for our meaty mistress in two huge pages of Q&A!

Meet Ze Mappers: Part I
Helga's now trained her sites on the map making community with Meet ze Mappers: Part 1. See what mappers Menzel, Rummie, Nib and CptnTriscuit had to tell our heroine!

PlanetWolfenstein Frequently Asked RtCW Questions
A list of the most frequently asked technical support questions from the PlanetWolfenstein Forums, complete with the answers to get you on your way!

Interview With Activision's Jonathan Moses by Pappy-R
RtCW: Enemy Territory had a large presence at this year's QuakeCon, and Pappy-R sat down with Jonathan Moses to get the goods on this upcoming game!

Punk Buster Interview by Helga
Everyone who's held a Panzerfaust has heard about Punkbuster, now let's talk about it with Björn Christoph of the Punkbuster team. Helga's at it again.

Top Ten: Wolfenstein Drop Outs
With so many auditions for game characters, there had to be some grins in the mix!

Forum Interview: Pain
Skidrowpunk interviews one of the most regular of forum regulars, Pain! Get to know your forum moderators!

A Word on Backwards Compatabiltiy
Special guest editorial/rant/article by reader "Daddy Oh" looks at how to play old versions of your favorite id games using many of today's bells and whistles.

Wolfenstein Launch Party
Sluggo takes you behind the scenes to the launch party that Activision, Gray Matter, Nerve, and id threw to celebrate the release of the game.

Gray Matter Interview (Sorta...)
When you're running a website for a game under a media blackout, you get kind of desparate. See what ends Thrrrpptt! went to in order to score an interview when traditional methods don't work.

Make Something Wolfenstein: The Contest Winners!
See all the entries to our "Make Something Wolfenstein" contest and find out who took home the grand prize!

Gray Matter Interview
A real interview with the gang from Gray Matter. The subject? Return to Castle Wolfenstein, of course!

10 New Things About Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Thrrrpptt! reports on the 10 new things he learned about RTCW during a press event in October, 2001.

Why Nazi Ninjas? Ask Jeeves!
Thrrrpptt! ponders the question of why Nazi Ninjas were to be included in the game. In search of enlightnement, he turns to the Internet. Find out what he discovered.

Gray Matter Chat Transcript
The transcript from an online chat that Gray Matter participated in.

Greg Goodrich Letter
An early email letter to Achtung, Wolfenstein (PlanetWolfenstein's predecessor) about the game.

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