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Award-winning Wolfenstein film columnist Sissy helped to shape Wolfenstein movie criticism as we know it. As co-host of "Sissy & Eggbert", Sissy and partner Eggbert have influenced and entertained millions of people with their opinions and barbs on current Wolfenstein films, becoming part of the American entertainment culture and making their trademark "two boney hands up/two boney hands down" a pop culture icon. A graduate of Wolfenstein University, Sissy received a bachelors degree in Zombiology.


Co-host of "Sissy & Eggbert", Eggbert is a Pulitzer Prize-winning Wolfenstein film critic and has been working for the Zombie Sun-Times since 1967. Eggbert is the author of 15 books, including "Great Wolfenstein Movies," "Eggbert's Wolfenstein Movie Yearbook," "I Hated, Hated, HATED This Wolfenstein Movie," the Norton anthology "Eggbert's Book of Wolfenstein Film," and the best-selling "Eggbert's Bigger Little Wolfenstein Movie Glossary".

Sissy & Eggbert Review:

Sissy: Happy New Year Wolfenstein videophiles! We're glad that you could join us tonight for the 2008 Eggie Awards! Way back in 2006 we presented the 2006 Eggie Awards to pay tribute to the best Wolfenstein videos of that year. On November 20th we announced the nominees for this year's awards, and today we present you with the top three Wolfenstein videos of 2008.

Eggbert: Hey, this award is named after me, shouldn't I be able to MC this event?

Sissy: No. We'll remind you of the nominees now.

Eggbert: Why are you saying "we" if I can't talk?

Sissy: Habbit. Here they are, the nominees for the 2008 Eggie Awards, all chosen for their excellence in Wolfenstein movie production.

In order to qualify as a top flick, each video nominated had to receive more than one boner up from both Eggbert and myself. Now let's take a look at our nominees for the 2008 Eggies!

Extreme Temperature
-Received 4/4 bones up.

Klamateur Hour
-Received 4/4 bones up.

-Received 3.5/4 bones up.

-Received 3.5/4 bones up.

Fragarea 3
-Received 3.5/4 bones up.

Honourable Mentions
-The Great Escape
-Nursing Service
-Got Bounce?
-Adrenaline 1080p
-Heron in the Air
-That's ET. by B3hindi

Eggbert: What would have happened if we didn't agree on the winners?

Sissy: It doesn't matter because we DID agree. Now let's get on with the show so that our fine viewers can get on with their New Year's feasting!

Eggbert: Mmm, feasting. Oh wait, first remind them of who got the razzy award.

Sissy: what are awards without a razzy? Congratulations to L-aim-er, you are the recipient of a razzy because your movie kind of sucked.

Eggbert: Oh Sissy, you are a cruel mistress.

Sissy: And the winners of the 2008 Eggie Awards are...

Eggbert: Oh the suspense!


1. Extreme Temperature by sec
2. Klamateur Hour by muad'dib
3. Memento by muad'dib

Congratulations to this year's recipients of the Eggie Award, thank you for the fine entertainment and keep on cooking those videos! Happy New Year to all from Sissy and Eggbert Go To The Movies, we look forward to seeing what 2009 will bring!

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