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Essential Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory Files

Looking for files and want to cut straight to the critical ones you need to play the game? We got you covered. Look below for the essential RTCW files, and be sure to check out our Top 50 Files list or Fileplanet's Return to Castle Wolfenstein section.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

This FREE stand alone multiplayer game takes the Wolfenstein online action to the next level with teamplay you'll die for (Again and again!) and more class based, campaign crushing juice than you have the right to dream about! The final release version of ET includes six multiplayer maps and a full campaign mode. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a free, stand alone Quake III engine game. You need only what you download to play!

Attention! You will currently need to download the appropriate game install and then the patch to be up to date.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Windows Files (Install In The Following Order):

  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Client [Windows] (257.8MB)

  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60 Patch [Windows] (5.5MB)

  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60b Patch [Windows, Mac OS X and Linux] (4MB)

    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Linux Files

  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60 Client [Linux] (258.4 MBMB)

  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60b Patch [Windows, Mac OS X and Linux] (4MB)

    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Macintosh Files

  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Client v2.60 [Macintosh] (258.3MB)

  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60b Patch [Windows, Mac OS X and Linux] (4MB)

    Map Editor for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
  • wolfet_tool.exe (15MB)

    Source Code for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
  • WET_source.exe (2MB)

  • RtCW Patches

    Full:This will update players who have any prior version of RtCW to v1.4. Then grab the lite v1.41 and 1.41b patches.

  • Wolf_Update_1_4.exe (Windows 11.5mb)

  • (Linux 70.1mb)

    Lite: Upgrade from v1.33 or 1.4 only.

  • Wolf_Update_1_41.exe (Windows 6.9mb)

  • Wolf_Update_1_41.exe (Linux 4.8mb)

  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein 1.41b Patch (Windows, Linux) (1.3MB)


  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein 1.32 Update (Macintosh - Full 17.1mb)

  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein 1.41 Beta Update (Macintosh 16.2mb)

  • RtCW Official Maps

  • Official Map Pack: Game of the Year (Windows)
  • Official Map Pack: Game of the Year (Linux)
    These are the levels included with the Game of the Year edition of RtCW.

  • Official Map Pack: Trench Toast (Windows)
    This patch adds the official map "Trench Toast" to your retail version of the game.

  • Official Map Pack: Trench Toast (Linux)

  • Official Map: "Ice"
    This is the final, bug fix version included in the updated v1.131 patch. Grab it to make sure you have the right, most current version.
  • Video Drivers

    You should make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card. For those using NVIDIA based cards, you can grab them here:
    RtCW Demos

    Single Player Demo (Windows)
    This is the official single player demo for the game. It contains two full levels and the accompanying cut scenes, but no multiplayer content.

    Single Player Demo v1.1 (Linux)

    Multiplayer Demo (Windows)
    This is the official multiplayer demo for Return to Castle Wolfenstein that replaced the "technology tests" released earlier. It contains two maps: Beach Assault and Trench Toast. It is currently only available for Windows, but the older versions of the technology test are still available for Linux and Macintosh OSX.


    GameSpy Arcade
    The best way to get in the game. GameSpy Arcade offers complete support for both the Wolfenstein multiplayer test and the full retail version. This server browsing and matchmaking utility lets you see a complete list of Wolfenstein servers on the Internet, and then connect to them with a simple click.

    GtKRadiant v1.2 Full
    The powerful map editing tool for Quake III Arena, Q3 Team Arena and now Return to Castle Wolfenstein!

    GtKRadiant v1.2 RtCW Only
    The powerful map editing tool for Return to Castle Wolfenstein!

    WolfStat is a utility not much unlike HalfStats for Half-Life. It parses the logfile of a RTCW server and outputs those player statistics into a nice, clean HTML file.
    Not the full SDK, this is for mapping. Everything you need for multiplayer and single player level creation!

    This is the source code necessary for making modifications for the single-player and multiplayer aspects of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Get what you need to change the game itself!
    Version 1.41 of the Linux Wolfenstein source code is needed for making modifications for Return to Castle Wolfenstein on Linux machines.
    RtCW Official Movies

    Official Trailer
    This is the movie you need to download and watch. It's a remix of the movie shown at E3, 2001, but with a redone soundtrack. It shows almost all in-game footage to give you an excellent idea of what the game looks and feels like.

    Intro Sequence
    This is the very cool CGI sequence that you see at the beginning of the game. Some very nice work here.

    Behind Enemy Lines: The Making of RTCW
    This is an extremely cool movie that you need to watch. It's big, but it contains all kinds of behind the scenes footage and video interviews with the folks from Gray Matter. It's one of the movies that appears on the CD you got if you preordered the game from some retailers.
    More Files

    Top 50 Return to Castle Wolfenstein files
    A list of the 50 most popular RTCW files of any type on FilePlanet.

    FilePlanet's Return to Castle Wolfenstein section
    More RTCW files than you can wave a flamethrower at. Look here for hundreds of different kinds of files.

    Custom Maps (Enemy Territory) / Custom Maps (RtCW)
    Just looking for new maps to play on? FilePlanet's maps section has all kinds of 3rd part maps for you to download and enjoy for free.

    Wolfenstein Media
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein screenshots, wallpapers, movies, skins, video caps, artwork, and more!

    Miscellaneous Files
    Random stuff that didn't fit in anywhere else. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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