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Classes and Class-Specific Strategies

There are four classes to choose from in RTCW: Soldier, Engineer, Medic, and Leuitenant. The classes are identical for each side, and each one has its own special abilities and limitations. Teams that are well balanced across all the classes are most likely to succeed, so pay close attention to the information and advice below:


The Soldier is the most straight-forward of the classes. He's built for dishing out damage and can take his pick of any of the weapons in the game. This includes the most deadly of the weapons, like the sniper Maser Rifle, the Panzerfaust, the Venom Gun, and the Flame Thrower.

Soldier Abilities:
  • Can use the Mauser sniper rifle.
  • Can use the Venom Gun.
  • Can use the Flame Thrower.
  • Can use the Panzerfaust (drains entire power bar).
  • Can drop his weapons on the battlefield and pick up discarded ones.
Tips on Playing a Soldier:
  • Balance your weapon choice in crowded games. If nobody is playing sniper, pick the Mauser. If there are no Venom Gunners, take up the cause.
  • Heavier weapons like the Venom Gun and the Panzerfaust slow you way down. Switch to a pistol to slightly speed up your movment.
  • Use the Panzerfaust to take out pesky snipers and enemies manning stationary machine guns. This can be done from a great distance.
  • Don't be afraid to ditch the Panzerfaust once you get inside closed quarters where it's much too dangerous to use.
  • Soldiers playing sniper with the Mauser should pair up with a Medic. With the Medic constantly healing, this is a tough combination to beat.
  • Crouch to shrink your crosshairs and inprove your accuracy. This will also make the sniper mode on the Mauser sway less and kick back less.
  • If you're sniping, don't stand in one place too long --especially if you're outdoors. Once a Leuitenant on the opposing team pinpoints you, he can annihilatate you with an artillery strike from clear across the map.


Engineers are the repair men and demolitions experts of your forces. They are critical for solving the Beach map, as they are the only ones who can blast their way through the fort's outer walls. They can also be useful to the Axis team by using their Toolkit to repair the stationary machine guns that line the fort's outer walls. Engineers are best used with supporting cover from Soldiers or Leuitenants.

Engineer Abilities:
  • Can lay dynamite charges by selecting the dynamite and pressing Fire (drains Energy Bar). Hold down Fire to set longer fuses.
  • You must arm dynimate once you drop it, though. Use the Toolkit.
  • Can disarm dynamite with Toolkit (drains Energy Bar).
  • Can repair broken items like stationary machine guns with Toolkit (drains Energy Bar).
Tips for Playing an Engineer:
  • Allies should have at least 2 engineers at the beginning of maps requiring demolitions.
  • Once demolitions targets have been destroyed , there's little reason to have more than one Engineer. Switch to another class.
  • Engineers can make machine gun repair runs and fix up all the broken MG42 guns.
  • Drop dynamite inside enemy terratory (particularly spawn rooms). A giant glowing bomb will make defenders shy away from the area.


Medics may be the most underrated class. They are not meant to lead assaults, but rather to support other players by dropping med kits and reviving fallen comrades. Bringing back teammates from the brink of death doesn't give them full health, but it does avoid waiting for the next reinforcement wave and the long trek up from the spawn point.

Medics are very important because RTCW multiplayer maps don't contain health packs unless a Medic drops them.

Medic Abilities:
  • Gives teammates +10 max health just by being on their team.
  • Can drop health packs (drains energy bar).
  • Can bring back dead teammates with the Syringe. Gibbed teammates cannot be revived.
  • Can see icon for fallen teammates.
Tips for Playing a Medic:
  • Drop lots of med kits. Your energy bar shouldn't ever stay full for long.
  • Get behind another player using a stationary gun or sniper rifle and pile medkits up around their feet. When they get hurt, they'll automatically soak up the health.
  • The above trick also works solo but is less effective.
  • Line the murder hole in the lower base area with medkits so that a sniper can sit on them while he holds the hallway.
  • Watch your compass for indications that fallen or injured teammates are near.
  • If you're in a group, hang back and try to stay alive with the Syringe ready. You're no good dead.


Lieutenants (or "Lt.'s") are much more versatile class. They have access to a wider variety of weapons than Medics or Engineers, and have a few very dramatic special abilities. Lt.'s are effective for combatting snipers or wiping out incoming bands of enemies because of their abilities to call in air and artillery strikes. This is especially true when outside, though the effects of these strikes can reach indoors through windows.

Lt.'s are also critical for keeping teammates stocked with ammunition, as there is no additional ammunition on the map unless put there by a Lt.

Lieutenant Abilities:
  • Can select the Sten machine gun
  • Can drop ammunition packs (drains energy bar)
  • Can drop a smoke grenade to call in an air strike (drains half of energy bar)
  • Can use Binoculars to call in an artilery strike (drains entire energy bar)
Tips for Playing a Lieutenant:
  • Drop ammunition packs near respawn points and choke points.
  • Don't use air or artillery strikes indoors...
  • ...unless you just want to freak other players out or need to escape. Most players will instinctively flee from the smoke grenade.
  • Axis Lt.'s should make liberal use of the air strike grenades when they know that a group of Allies are bunched up outside of a demolition point.
  • Initiating an artillery strike just behind a sniper will give him no warning.
  • For God's sake, be careful with air and artillery strikes when friendly fire is on. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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