Multiplayer Guide | Death, Limbo, and Respawning
Death, Respawning, and Scoring

It's a morbid topic, but this section walks you through the ins and outs of death within the context of the game. Actually, it's not that bad, as you constantly get to rejoin the land of the living --it's only a computer game!

Respawning and Limbo

RTCW uses a unique respawn system. Each side has "waves" of reinforcements that occur at regular intervals -- for example, every 40 seconds for Axis and every 30 seconds for Allies on one map. If you die 2 seconds before the start of the interval, you respawn in 2 seconds. If you die 40 seconds before the next interval, you respawn in 40 seconds.

You should take advantage of the brief wait time between spawns, though. When you die you can enter "limbo mode" by pressing the Jump key (Space by default). While in limbo, you can do various things:
  • Chat or issue voice commands/comments
  • Change sides
  • Change weapons if you're a soldier or Lieutenant
  • Change classes
  • Follow teammates in "chase cam" mode
  • Choose your spawn points
Changing weapons and classes are very important activities in RTCW multiplayer. Remaining mission objectives may be better suited to some classes and some armaments than others. On Beach Invasion, for example, Allies have little use for Engineers once the outer walls are blown, but will probably need Medics or Soldiers. Adaptivity is key.

One last important note on dying: If there is a Medic near you, don't enter limbo mode immediately. Wait instead to see if the Medic can revive you and bring you back to life. This is always preferable, as you don't have to wait for the respawn and you pick up where you left off (although with the same ammo you had when you died).

Scoring System

Hit Tab at any point to see the multiplayer scores. Points don't really matter --completing map objectives does-- but it's a fair gague of your skills.

Different maps have different activities and objections that can score you extra points, but here's the basic scoring system:
Kill self: -3 points
Die by falling or barbed wire: -1 points
Kill teammate: -1 points
Kill an enemy: 1 point
Secure a capture/rallying point: 1 point
Revive fallen teammate : 2 points (Medics only)
Dynamite demolishes target: 10 points (Engineers only) | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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