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RTCW Multiplayer Heads Up Display

The Heads Up Display, or "HUD" contains vital information that you should be aware of at all times. The image below gives you the basics:

HUD Elements

Objective Info
This gives you a quick glance of the status of your mission objectives. The status of capture points, objectives, and other milestones on your road to victory are reflected here. You want to see all the flags in your pattern.

Team Overlay
This shows the status, names, and locations of each of your teammates. Use it to help coordinate your attacks.

Sprint Bar
Perhaps one of the most overlooked abilities in RTCW is the sprint. By holding down the Sprint key (Caps Lock by default) you can achieve quick bursts of speed. Your Sprint Bar will drop quickly, though, and you can only sprint as long as it remains green. Note that jumping also drains your Sprint Bar, so no bunny-hopping!

It's how much health you have, duh. Don't let it reach 0. Replenish your health by picking up Medkits dropped by Medics.

This tool does more than just tell you what direction you're facing. When a teammate makes a voice command/comment or is injured, you'll see red arrows appear on the compas. Follow them to your teammate.

Ammo In Clip
Tells you how much ammo is left in your current clip. You'll reload automatically if it reaches 0, but you can reload prematurely by hitting the Reload key (R by default). This is good to keep yourself from becoming vulnerable during a firefight.

Ammo in Reserve
Shows how much ammunition you have in reserve. Increase this number by picking up Ammo Packs dropped by the Lieutenant.

Power Bar
This charge meter tells you when you can use your class's special abilities. Each time you use some abilities (dropping medkits, placing dynamite, calling airstrikes, etc.), it is either partially or totally drained. You are then unable to perform special abilities requiring charge until it regenerates.

Voice Commands/Comments (Not Shown)
Hitting the Voice Command button (V by default) will bring up a simple voice command menu. Hit the corresponding number for each branch in the menu until you get to the command you desire.

Activity Icons
Whenever you walk up to something that you can interact with, you will see a number of special icons. This means that you can press the Use key (Z by default) or the attack key (Mouse1 by default) to achieve a special result. The Activity Icons in the Beach map are as follows:

Engineers can place a dynamite charge here to demolish any objectives. Just select the dynamite, press fire to drop, and then arm it with the tool.

Player can use this weapon or item. MG42 machine guns can be used if they're not broken. Just walk up to the object and hit the "use" key. Try taking one or two steps back if it doesn't work. A few seconds later, BOOM!

Engineers can repair this item. A blue bar beneath the icon shows progress towards repair. MG42 machine guns can be repaired --you'll know they need it if they're smoking.

Defuse or Arm Dynamite
Engineers can arm or defuse this dynamite with the tool. A blue bar beneath the icon shows progress towards the defusion. Engineers are quite vulnerable while defusing bombs, though.

Players can climb this ladder or surface. Just look up the ladder and walk forward. Normally be careful not to fall off ladders, though you can jump off if you need to.

You can break the object by shooting it or stabbing it. Just for fun or to get things like chairs out of the way so you can be ready to move around more easily.

You can stab this enemy with your knife and score an instant (and silent) kill. Great for taking out snipers with their backs turned.

Player Information Icons

You will see various icons or information appear above other players' heads. This is meant to give you info about their identity or their needs. Explanations of the different icons are below.

Carrier Icon
When one grabs the secret documents, a special exclamation mark symbol will appear overhead. This means that you have the documents, and are now the primary target of every enemy in the area.

When you see this icon appear over a player, it means they need a medic because they're injured or on the brink of death. Medics should respond with health packs or the syringe.

I Need Ammo!
This icon above a player's head means they need ammunition. If you're a Lieutenant, give them some ammo packs or else you'll just have a defenseless teammate.

Player Identifier
When you train your crosshairs on another player, you will see his/her name, class, and health appear over the player model. If you see a health bar, that player is a teammate. Don't shoot! | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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