Multiplayer Guide | General Strategies
General Strategies

Below are some general strategies that should help you keep on your toes and secure victory for your team. Each group of tips is grouped by theme. Pay attention and you might learn something.

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Stick Together
The team that stays together wins, especially if you're on the offensive. Stay together in groups and you have much better odds of survival. If you find yourself alone, take cover until you can pair up with a buddy or three.

Medics should always pair up with other players, and travel with groups if possible. Your role is a supporting one. Healing and reviving machine gunners or snipers is particularly important.

Soldiers Front and Center
Let the Soldiers go up front with their heavy weaponry to clear the way, while others play their supporting roles. This is critical on servers with friendly fire enabled!

Compensate for Inbalances
If you notice your team is light on one particular class, switch to that class next time you die.

Engineer Swarm
At the beginning of maps like the Beach Assault, most players should go to Engineers while a couple of Soldiers hanging back and provide suppressing fire with a Mauser sniper or the Panzerfaust. If you can knock out the defenses for just a few seconds, the Engineers can sprint into position, do their thing, and then switch to another class. Engineers should also gang up and swarm bombing targets on mas like Das Boot and others.

Blindling Light
Lieutenants can also provide Engineers with cover by performing an Artillery Strike. Enemy gunners and snipers will either fall back or have their view blocked by the explosions.


Announce Your Intentions
Whenever you switch teams, hit V then 6 to announce your new role. This will let everyone know about a change in the team's class makeup so they can compensate if need be.

Let Others Know Your Needs
There are voice commands bound for common requests like health or ammunition. Use them often so that Medics and Lt.'s know where they're needed. But don't overdo it. Saying "Medic! Medic!" over and over again is annoying and may cause the Medics to ignore you out of spite.

Organize runs
Attacking players should use chat to organize attacks and movements. A simple command like "Everyone meet at base of Sea Wall!" can be very effective.


Change Classes/Weapons As Needed
Use the pause between reinforcement waves wisely. If the situation demands it, change weapons (a Panzerfaust is little good within tight hallways), change classes, and change strategies.

Talk it up
Use the limbo room chat to convey critical intelligence like enemy locations, strategies, and requests. You've got a few free seconds to type without worry, so use them!

Check on Team Class Configuration
The limbo room is a good place to check up on team class configuration. You may find that you're all playing Soldiers and need a Medic or Lt.


Your accuracy in RTCW varies widely depending on what you're doing when you fire. If you try to run and gun at the same time, you'll have a hard time hitting the side of a barn. If there were barns. Standing still gives you better accuracy, while crouching makes you more accurate still. Of course, it does make you more vulnerable...

Zoom on in
The Mauser sniper rifle and the Lieutenant's binoculars can both be zoomed in further by using the mouse wheel.

Look for Ammo
Ammo comes mainly from the Lieutenant, but also can be found from fallen teammates. If you see a weapon like the one your'e using, run over it to pick it up!

Flame for cover
The Flame Thrower makes for an excellent means of blocking the view and aim of attackers holed up in bunkers.

Reload during breathers
If you have the time and the ammo, don't overlook any chances to reload. You don't want to have to do it during a firefight.

Ph34r My P4nz3rph4ust!
Panzerfausts are wonderful for clearing Axis troops out of bunkers. If you notice you're getting mowed down, respawn as a Soldier the next round and blast 'em. Axis Soldiers can use the Panzerfaust to wipe out Sniper Hill.

Go for the Headshot
Headshots do LOTS of damage. Get into the habit of aiming for the noggin.

Fire in Bursts
If you can, fire in short bursts. As you continue to fire, your accuracy suffers. Firing in short bursts helps you hit what you're aiming at. This is also helpful for keeping weapons like the Sten or the Venom Gun from overheating.

Grenade! (Thanks to Gray Matter's Greg Goodrich for the grenade tips)

Grenades use the horizon line to determine the distance of your throw. If you want to drop a grenade right in front of you, look towards the ground and simply tap the 'attack' key. If you want to throw a grenade a great distance, look above the horizon line at varying degrees. The further above the horizon, the further you will toss the grenade. However, this does have a diminishing effect. Looking directly upwards towards the sky will cause the grenade to return to where you are standing.

Short Fuse
Both the 'pineapple' and 'potato masher' grenades use a fuse detonator. The length of which is 5 seconds. You can short fuse a grenade by pressing and holding your 'attack' key. You will hear 4 'ticks' before it detonates. Let go of the 'attack' key when you want to release the grenade. An experienced soldier can time the throw and usually cause a grenade to detonate at the perfect spot.

Use the bounce of the grenade to your advantage. No, it is not realistic, but it can come it handy when trying to toss a grenade around corners or into holes. The bounce can also be used to achieve great distances with your throw. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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