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The weapons you have access to depends on what class you are. Each class can carry a knife, one pistol, some grenades (how many depends on your class), and one two-handed weapon. Only Soldiers can carry the Mauser, Panzerfaust, Flame Thrower, or Venom Gun. Everyone else is limited to one of the submachine guns for their two-handed weapon (though the Lieutenant can also carry the Sten).

It's... a knife. You stab things with it. If you can sneak up on a victim and get them in the back before they're aware of you, you get an instant (and silent) kill.

Pistols: Colt Model 1911 and Luger 9mm Parabellum
Allied and Axis pistols. Both work pretty much the same --point and fire. You don't want to be stuck using either one, though, so go for something more powerful.

Grenades that can be thrown over obstacles or bounced around corners. Both types of grenades function the same. Hold fire to delay throwing so that they explode sooner after release. Engineers can carry the most grenades of any class.

Standard issue sub-machine gun. Has a moderate rate of fire and won't overheat. Engineers and Medics can choose between this and the Thompson for their two-handed weapon.

Light sub-machine gun, comprable to the MP40 in some ways, but does more damage and has a smaller magazine capacity. Engineers and Medics can choose between this and the MP40 for their two-handed weapon.

A more powerful gun that fires much more quietly, but you can't even get a whole clip off before it overheats (as indicated by a red bar in your HUD) and you must let it cool down. The Sten is much more accurate than the Thompson or MP40, and is available only to Lieutenants and Soldiers.

Mauser Rifle
Sniper rifle for long distance shots. The zoomed view sways badly unless you're crouching, and it gives a heck of a kickback. Stand still for longer periods of time to reduce the kickback. The Mauser can take most opponents down in one headshot.

Fires a huge missile that blooms into a cloud of destruction. In multiplayer, it has a short delay after pulling the trigger and firing the rocket. Only available to Soldiers, and slows movement rate down considerably.

Venom Gun
Portable destruction. This weapon takes a second to spin up, but once it's going it really mows everything down. Very powerful, but goes through ammo quickly. It can also overheat like the Sten. Only available to Soldiers, and slows movement down like the Panzerfaust.

The flamethrower spews great clouds of beautiful flame that will catch enemies on fire and cook them to a crisp. The range on the flamethrower is pretty good and it's just immensely satisfying to use. Again, only Soldiers can use this weapon, and it slows them down. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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