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Rick "Pappy-R" Bassett (Site Director)

Pappy-R has got more experience at Quake powered games than most. He is, in fact, the driving force behind PlanetQuake, the epicenter of all things Quake. He's not only got his finger on the pulse of that whole scene, he's got his whole hand and a couple of elbows.
Jube (News Editor and Poll)

Kicking up news as fast as it comes in, Jube is Pappy's hired gun and mystic on PlanetQuake. She's the mystical minion behind the popular QuakeScopes feature and has powers far beyond that of mortal men. Being a woman has something to do with that one, rest assured. She's built up quite the resume, but looks forward to the damage she can do on PlanetWolfenstein.
a_madman (Content Manager)

Working behind the scenes like a good engineer does, you won't even notice a_madman's touch as he posts the weekly features with seamless accuracy. Another hired gun from the PlanetQuake roster, he helps both sites stay current and well stocked with mind twisting content like the PQ Mailbag!
BIGdadu (Levels of the Week)

He's the man with more than just a plan. BIGdadu brings the Level of the Week feature with style, flair, and that plan of attack you'll need so badly. RtCW of Enemy Territory, you'll always find this trooper in the thick of things.
Jamie "Thrrrpptt!" Madigan(Comics and files)

Thrrrpptt! is a full-time employee of GameSpy Industries, but he still enjoys doing this sort of thing in his spare time. He also works on FilePlanet and thinks llamas are cool. But not Nazi llamas. Those are definitely not cool.

Thrrrpptt! also runs Down the Rabbit Hole, a site dedicated to American McGee's Alice, and Oni Online, dedicated to Oni.

Forum Moderators


Pain has a degree in electronics, and worked for over 17 years for various government contractors, where he helped sell hammers and toilet seats for hundreds of dollars. After proving his talent for fleecing America, he worked on such projects as trident missile submarine sonar and weapon systems, and the computer that went to mars in that little toy Tonka truck...the one that cost millions of dollars. Do you see a trend here? After that followed more jobs on more space junk like communication satellites, and other gadgets often mistaken for UFOs. At least, that's his story, and he's sticking to it.

Pain is now the Network Administrator for a Civil Engineering firm in Northern Virginia. He also hangs out in the Planetwolfenstein forums, helping as much as possible, but mainly just fabricating answers while giggling like a schoolgirl.

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