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You'll encounter a wide variety of foes in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and it pays to do a little research before taking them on. We won't spoil all the surprises for you, but below is a brief description of the major enemies in the game.


The grunts of the Nazi army aren't exactly in short supply, so you'll be seeing a lot of them. Their appearance may vary depending on the environment, wearing camoflague or different uniforms. Soldiers are fairly weak and go down with a couple of shots or one well placed headshot. They usually come armed with simple submachineguns or the Mauser rifle. Feel free to mow them down in droves, but don't let them distract you from more dangerous foes.
Elite Guard

These leather clad vixins are much more dangerous than they look, so don't stand there oggling while they pump you full of lead. Elite Guards are highly trained and highly capable. They always carry Sten submachine guns and often work in groups to considerably shorten your life. Elite Guards can be quite nimble, dodging and tumbling their way out of harm's way if you manage to get the upper hand. Best to mow them down quickly or toss a grenade or two their way.
Nazi Officer

These lieutenants from the SS army don't pack much in the way of firepower, so they don't often give you much trouble. They can be a mean shot with their Luger pistols. Don't get too cocky or they'll put a bullet between your eyes in no time flat. Best to take them out quickly and get on with your mission. Also watch out for supporting German troops when you see an officer; they aren't often found alone. You may alwo be called upon to assassinate these leaders in some missions.
Black Guard

These Nazi soldiers occupy the upper echelon of Himmler's personal guard. They're tough, smart, and dangerous. One single Black Guard can use his assault rifle to put you six feet under, so best to get in, hit hard, and hit fast. More than one can require the use of heavy weaponry like the panzerfaust, grenades, or the minigun. Black Guards sometimes parachute in as reinforcements --shoot down their parachutes before they can land to score easy kills.

The Scientists of Himmler's paranormal organization spend most of their time in their laboratories, tinkering with things that mankind was never meant to meddle with (or even know about, for that matter). They lack training in combat and aren't armed with anything more than pistols, but they'll fight for their safety with the same tenacity that drives their research into the macabre. Just gun them down before they whittle down too much more of their health.
Worker / Engineer

You may on occasion encounter workers, engineers, and pilots that are in the employment of the Nazi army. These workers are not without guilt, as their every moment is spent supporting the German war machine and working towards the subjecation of the free world. Many of them will, in fact, not hesitate to draw their sidearms and start firing on you. Just be careful and make sure that they don't have any important information to impart before you blow them away.>

The Nazis' interference with the world of the undead and their black magic rituals have disturbed the dead. Zombies are as likely to attack Nazi soldiers as they are to come after you, so if the opportunity presents itself, let them duke it out first. Zombies will continue to rise up after being shot down, so make sure to take an extra second to blow apart their prone forms. Also be wary of the seeking phantom skulls that the zombies can emit. They will follow you around corners. Fire is very effective against Zombies.
Zombie Knight

Zombie Knights are similar to their other Zombies you encounter, but they come equipped with shields and melee weapons --swords or axes. Be careful when spraying them with gunfire. They also don't get back up when shot down. Zombie Knights can crouch behind their shields and actually reflect your gunfire back at you. You can either fire at their unprotected feet or lure them into taking a swing at you and dropping their guard. Strike hard when you have the chance.
Fire Zombie

Swimming in enchanted flames and capable of spewing a great fountains of flame, the Fire Zombie is a very dangerous foe. You will encounter one as a boss at the end of the first crypt level, then once again in the next level. Keep your distance and pound away on it with grenades or gunfire until they go down. Whatever you do, don't get backed into a corner or you'll be one toasty soldier. Grenades and dynamite traps are quite effective against Fire Zombies.

These lumbering monstrosities are horrors to behold, and one of the most dangerous foes you'll face. They can move very quickly and leap considerable distances to slam into you and subject you to their fearsome lightning attack. Fortunately, Lopers attack everything in sight, so they'll also go after Nazi forces that are nearby. Note that Lopers' attacks can hit you even if you're standing on a grateway above them, so practice extreme caution.
Super Soldier Prototype

Super Soldiers are perhaps the most dangerous foe you will encounter outside of the "boss" enemies. These hulking cybernetic monstrosities will attempt to either ventillate you with a Minigun or blow you to nite-size bits with a panzerfaust attached to their right arm. The only way to effectively deal with them is to keep your distance and pull out your biggest guns --the Panzerfaust works best, since "dodge" isn't a word in this creature's vocabulary.
Super Soldier

The pinnacle of Deathshead's twisted experiments, the Super Soldier are very bad news. They're protected by thick plates of armor that must be blasted off to expose the vulnerable flesh beneath. While you're trying to peel them like a fruit, though, they'll be blasting away at you with rockets, a minigun, and a built-in Tesla cannon. Stay away and use the environment for cover if you want to survive an encouner with one of these nightmares. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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