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You'll pick up a lot of items during the game, and it pays to know what to look out for. Many of these will be necessary to secure victory, so read on!


Ammunition comes in different forms, corresponding to different weapons. You can also get ammunition from picking up weapons from fallen enemies. Grab it whenever you can.

Flak Jacket

Flak Jackets are critical to your continued good health. Each one you pick up adds to your armor rating, which means that you'll be able to withstand more damage before going down for a dirt nap.


Helmets are like Flak Jackets, except they give you less protection. Still, they're nothing to scoff at, so don't ever pass up the chance to grab one. Every little bit helps when it comes to your armor rating.

Health Packs

You'll grow to appreciate the site of these stimpacks, as they are the key to keeping you alive. Each one you pick up restores some of your health (exactly how much depends on what difficulty level you're playing on). If you're near full health, you may not want to pick up one of these packs. Instead save it for when you really need it, then backtrack to it.


A tribute to Wolfenstein 3D, hot meals can be eaten to replenish your health. The nice thing about meals is that you can eat portions of them, dependin on how much health you need. Cold meals work in much the same way, but have a lesser effect. If you have the choice between a health pack and a meal, take the meal and save the health pack for later. Look for them where you might expect them: on tables in dining rooms or kitchens.

Brandy and Beer

Alcohol, when consumed, will replenish your stamina, or even boost it over its normal maximum. This allows you to sprint for greater distances. Beer has the same effect as Brandy, but to a lesser degree. Still, knocking back a frothy cold one could be quite beneficial if you need a little boost to your stamina.


The silencer is an attachment for your Luger pistol that you can activate by using the "alternate fire" mode for that pistol. When attached, the Luger barely makes a whisper, better equipping you for missions where stealth and discression are more called for.

Clipboards and Notes

It's not necessary to examine every clipboard and note you find, but it adds a lot of texture and depth to the story. Just walk up to a clpboard and press the "use" key to read it. You'll often get to see memos, notes, letters, and other documents that tell you more about what's going on in the area around you.


Throughout your adventures, you will be required to retreive certain journals and books that contain information critical to the Allied war efforts. Besides being simple mission objectives, these journals are also chock full of information. Flip through them by pressing the "Activate Item" key.


If an enemy spots you, he may rush to one of these switches and activate it. While alarms are going off, guards will more readily search you out and will automatically be on a higher state of alertness. You can turn off alarms by going to one of these switches and activating it as well as shooting it. Destroy an alarm box and the Nazi's can't use it.


There's no real point to collecting stolen Nazi treasure, other than the joy of discovery and satiating the greedy little bastard deep inside yourself. You will, however, be told how many of the secret treasures you find at the end of each level. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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