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Single Player Overview

The year is 1943, and the Nazi War machine threatens to not crush Europe, but the rest of the world as well. Unknown to the general public, the fate of the free world often lies in the hands of a select few heroes, members of the Office of Secret Action.

You are one of these legendary protectors of freedom, B.J. Blazkowicz. Highly trained in reconnaisance, infiltration, combat, and military tactics, it is your job to uncover the reason behind the Nazi's activity around Castle Wolfenstein. The leader of the Nazi Paranormal Division, a General by the name of Himmler, has increased his activity in this area, and reports have come in that his group is experimenting in occult magic and horrific scientific experiments involving cybernetics and genetic manipulation.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a first person shooter game, powered by the (heavily tweaked) Quake 3 engine. The single player game spans seven missions, each of which has several different levels. The game challenges you to not only survive, but to recover the many treasures and artifacts that the Nazi regime has stolen.

The image below is a typical screenshot of your Heads Up Display, or HUD. An explanation of each of the elements follows.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked abilities in RTCW is the sprint. By holding down the Sprint key (Caps Lock by default) you can achieve quick bursts of speed. Your Sprint Bar will drop quickly, though, and you can only sprint as long as it remains green. Note that jumping also drains your Sprint Bar, so no bunny-hopping!

It's how much health you have, duh. Don't let it reach 0. Replenish your health by picking up Medkits dropped by Medics.

Shows how much protection you have in the form of armor. You can pick up more by grabbing flak jackets or helmets.

Hint Icon
If the object you're standing in front of can be used, broken, climbed, or stabbed, you will see an icon appear in this area. Look in particular for things that can be used, as they often lead to secrets.

Player can use this weapon or item. MG42 machine guns can be used if they're not broken. Just walk up to the object and hit the "use" key. Try taking one or two steps back if it doesn't work. A few seconds later, BOOM!

Players can climb this ladder or surface. Just look up the ladder and walk forward. Normally be careful not to fall off ladders, though you can jump off if you need to.

You can break the object by shooting it or stabbing it. Just for fun or to get things like chairs out of the way so you can be ready to move around more easily.

You can stab this enemy with your knife and score an instant (and silent) kill. You can only do this if enemies are not aware of your presence, so be sneaky.

If you have a new passage in your notebook to read, an icon will appear here. Press the "N" key to read your notebook.

Ammo in Clip
Tells you how much ammo is left in your current clip. You'll reload automatically if it reaches 0, but you can reload prematurely by hitting the Reload key (R by default). This is good to keep yourself from becoming vulnerable during a firefight.

Ammo in Reserve
Shows how much ammunition you have in reserve. Increase this number by picking up ammo or weapons.

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