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Do you have the inside scoop on what's going down in the RPG scene? Have you spotted a story we've missed? Get in touch with us at and if it's worthy of posting, we'll do so.

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How are we doing? If there's anything we love more than kickass games, it's feedback from our readers. Don't agree with review? Let us know. Want to sing praise from the highest mountain? That'll work. Even if you just want to hop on your soapbox to rant and rave, we'll listen. Send it to We're ready for you. Note: All feedback mail will have the chance to be published in our weekly mailbag so if you don't want your name published, please say so.

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The GameSpy Network is an excellent opportunity to reach tech-savvy, thrill-seeking, product buying individuals. With our multitude of ad and sponsorship opportunities, including products such as Flash Interstitials, DHTML and Advergaming, you can have your message right in front of millions of visitors each month! We can work with you to customize a package that meets your objectives. Please contact or call 949-798-4200 to get started.

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