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The Party

Mark "Kyote" Allman - News Editor
Kyote has been doing news for GameSpy's RPGPlanet site for several years now. He began his gaming days with the Commodore 64, experimented with the SNES, and currently plays RPGs, adventure games, MMORPGs, FPSes, and the occasional RTS.

Bruce "Gwog" Ladewig - Staff Writer
Involved with the GameSpy Network since mid-1998, Gwog has worn many hats... from Planet Site Director to freelance reviewer, he's done his time bringing game content to the readership. With his proudest accomplishment to date consisting of turning the very first Deus Ex fansite into the massive PlanetDeusEx, Gwog now turns to RPG Planet. It is his hope that he can contribute feature content that thrills the reader and demonstrates his mighty pen. Keyboard. Whatever.

Aaron "Dracos" Crouch - Staff Writer
Dracos has been with RPGPlanet since about the beginning of its existence. Back then he functioned as the daily news poster. These days Dracos keeps himself occupied with writing and helping in the day to day running of the site.

Darren "Klown" Clark - Staff Writer
Klown hails from the fine province of Alberta, Canada where he writes by day and role-plays by night. From the classics to the latest role-playing games, he plays everything he can. Offline or online; it doesn't matter, as long as he has an RPG to keep him going. In his spare time away from all the writing, he watches a countdown timer with great patience awaiting the release of Star Wars Galaxies.

Mathew "Mat-kun" Gancarz - Staff Writer
Mat-Kun is just an assuming young guy, that probably plays too many games, and has probably a few too many weird RPG characters swimming around in his head. Attending University of Waterloo for Computational Science, he naturally has a ton of free time to spend writing, and playing... more playing then writing but still, he must do proper research, must he not? Someday he wishes to own a lot of swords and make all his friends jealous.

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