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Tuesday 31 August, 2004 - Mir 3 Live

Mir 3 went live yesterday afternoon, you can register an account via the web page
there are a few beta bugs so be sure to read the forum, these include taking th -u of the end of properties in some installs to get the auto patcher going, and u need that cos there is a patch to get already, but hey its beta.

Thursday 19 August, 2004 - Mir 3 coming soon

QGO a uk based online games company are starting up mir 3.
the url for there mir3 page for those that wish to try it and get any information about the up coming relese is.

or you could always visit
where you can see there online guides to this exciting new vertion of mir.
Apparently its in closed beta with a few players testing it and ironing out bugs now and soon to be open beta, to stress test servers before the p2p period.

Sunday 21 March, 2004 - IMPORTANT ABOUT E MAILS

This is IMPORTANT recently i have been getting reports that i have been sending viruses via


The only person i send e mails to are people that send me one first i will then reply to it.
For the last few months ALL OUTGOING EMAILS from rpgplanet have been stopped, i cant even send e mails at the moment and havent been able to for several months, which is why i havent replyed to ppl recently.
If you recive a mail from what looks like my e mail addess ITS NOT FROM ME REPORT IT.

There is not even a date when the outgoing e mail servers will be back up.

Thursday 26 February, 2004 - Mir 1.8 - Mir Awakens

..and finally Mir has awaken.
The heroes, who went back to the past to fight the Omas, have become aware of the presence of a dragon’s vein in the region. A dragon’s vein is a huge cave, which provides a tremendous amount of energy to the entire continent. There are 7 dragon’s veins in the continent, the Omas have located one of them and have found its secret out. They immediately began corrupting the vein they discovered in order to weaken the energy that has been protecting the continent so far. The energy flow had to be restored, that’s why the heroes entered the cave to stop the Omas' evil plot. But they had to face a danger they never experienced in their life before: Mir, the guardian of the vein, is already under the influence of evil forces and what used to be sacred has turned into an evil dungeon... are you ready to fight this terrible menace?

The new patch ‘Mir Awakens’ (an upgrade from version 1.7 to 1.8 ) is now available. The MD5 checksum reading for the new patch is 51227648c88fb2bb0448afab875737

If you need to download the Full Client you can download it from official site; MD5 checksum is 177a9dd98f0d6edda702ec4c0eae34

The patch weighs in at 92,4 MB, so we suggest to start downloading it today. We will apply it tomorrow around 11 am GMT, so wait for the confirmation post before installing and running it.

Alaria already posted some informations about the new features, these are some other features which are included in the upgrade:

-) Auto targeting function
It is a function that allows to fix automatically the target when you hunt a mob. Even if you move your mouse pointer away you can keep attacking the same mob (unless you begin to attack other mobs). This is particularly useful for some ranged-attack skills of Wizard and Taoist.

-) Summoned mob instant calling
If you assign a certain summon skill to a function key (F1-F12) and then summon a mob, by re-pressing the same key you will recall the summoned mob back to your character.

Saturday 21 February, 2004 - Mir 1.8 (yaken from official forum) Update

Mir version 1.8 Mir Awakens
We have now received the “gold candidate” of the latest patch “Mir Awakens” and it is still our intention (subject to no last minute issues) to release this client for download before next weekend (patch size aprox 80Mb)

This version introduces a few new features and reworks some old ones as well.

New Features

3 New Maps
Entrance to these maps is only available to those in possession of a mystical item that once belonged to a god.

LightningCave: In this cave Lighting rains down from an unseen source on the unsuspecting travelers.

MoltenRockCave: In this cave Molten Lava boils up from the floor at random times and locations cutting off and maiming anyone caught by it.

EvilMirPalace: Here dwells the corrupted form of one of the seven Gods of the cosmos. Along with Acolytes he will attempt to slay all who try to plunder his treasure. A word of caution for all those who dare to attack, the longer you attack the more powerful this god becomes as he draws on the forces of the cosmos to assist him.

3 New Skills

SummonHolyDeva: A skill for the Taoits that is available to be trained in from level 38. To use this Taoist must 1st summon a Shinus. The Deva is a powerful ally who will assist the Taoists in their quests.

LionRoar: A skill for the Warrior that is available to be trained in from level 36. This skill causes nearby enemys to be frozen with fear.

Mirroring: A skill for the Wizard that is available to be trained in from level 41. This skill creates an exact clone of the wizard, who is able to fight and level along side its master. (Note the wizard’s MP constantly drains while the clone exists)

New Items/Monsters

Several new Items & monsters as well as a new “Ultimate” set are also added and we will set out full detail in an updated online guide in the near future.


When attacking Monsters/enemy’s you will now see their HP bar displayed as you hit them.

The way Magic/Poison Evasion/Recovery is displayed has been reworked, no change in the way these attributes work has been implicated it’s just a cosmetic fix that will allow us to introduce new attributes in the near future.

The area near the Bichon palace has been reworked to allow for the future introduction of “reward statues”.

A number of bug fixes to do with the way items function when durability 0 is reached are also implemented.

There are also several other “minor” things as well that we are sure you will have fun finding.


Tuesday 23 December, 2003 - Patch 1.7

Ive finished uploading the patch to fileplanet.
Sorry for the delay but i was at work when it was relesed.
here's the link for ppl to lazy to go to the download page

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