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Welcome to my news area for the upcoming Star Wars Galaxies Online Role Playing Game (SWG ORPG)!

Those new to the site and/or SWG should go to the Briefing Room first.    From wild rumors to confirmed information--if you have news for sale, encrypt a message to me.   You might want to check out my slicer policies first though.  For old news, please visit the Battlestation Archives.

October 31st, 2003

And in answer to the much-emailed question: yes, I'm yet still alive! :)

My job took me away for yet another two week stint (though this time, not so hush-hush--heh).  It's obvious at this point that my work "promotion" (among other things) is keeping me from being able to keep things going here in the same way that we're all typically used to.  And I'm not willing to bend my standards--such as they are.  So like everything in life, some things have got to change.

I knew since the release of the game that this site was going to have to evolve one way or another in the transition to remain useful.  But given my work status, that decision has become much easier to make. 

I thus plan to to make this SWG site more "community" focused as opposed to "news and information" focused.  

Given that the Official Site now actually does a great job of keeping you guys informed of all that is going on with the game itself, my only other option was to try to provide a deep amount of statistical information about mechanics and minutia to the nth degree in a similar vein to SWGStratics.  But given that I don't have a full staff and now clearly don't have the time to attempt to compete at that level, I'm not going down that road.

Oh I likely won't be removing any of the information I've already amassed, but the format and focus is going to change--with the PA listings taking a more prominent role.  I've got a number of other ideas as well, but I'd rather not reveal them yet.  I'm also probably going to take the opportunity to give the site a long-overdue face lift.

To all my loyal readers who found this site beneficial during the development of Star Wars Galaxies--thank you!  I enjoyed every minute of it.  And I very much look forward to providing a service that many of you will still find useful (and perhaps more so) as the game continues to evolve.

ps--I can't give a time table due to my work conflicts.  My goal is to have the site revamped and unveiled by the end of the year at the latest.  I'll try to post progress reports along the way.

Blade out.


September 25th, 2003

SWGStratics is hosting a chat with Kevin "Q-3PO" O'Hara, Haden "Shug-Ninx" Blackman, and others tonight at 7:00pm EST.  Be sure to join in if you can make it!

To connect to Stratics IRC, use one of the servers below and your favorite IRC client:

  •, port 6667 (connects to a random server on our network)
  •, port 6667 (USA, Colorado)
  •, ports 6667, 6668, 7000 (USA, Colorado)
  •, ports 6667, 6668, 7000 (EU, Germany)
  •, port 6667 (USA, Georgia)

The channel is: #swghoc on Stratics IRC.  Maybe I'll see you in there!


September 25th, 2003

Judging by my overt tardiness (see below), I'm sure most of you have seen it already, but for those who might be left off the list, here's a recap of this month's official newsletter...

Well Star Wars Galaxies has finished its first month and is already the second largest Massively Multiplayer Game in the United States (behind EverQuest). We're about as pleased as can be with this news.

This means good things for the team as well. We continue to get resources to enhance the game and are seeing significant progress on the upcoming additional features, player cities, mounts and vehicles. We expect them all to be in the game within the next few months. We've also been working hard with the Correspondents to make improvements to the professions.

Our Monthly Story arc is about to enter Act 2. In act one, players have been tasked with finding fragments of Rebel or Imperial data disks. They are rumored to be in the possession of several notorious gangs including the Meatlumps and the Swoopers. Once a player has collected all four pieces (either through looting or trading), they can compile them for the secret message. The message has already been decoded by the dedicated community (translations below), but the compiled disk can still be turned in to any faction recruiter for credits, 500 faction points and a special Story Badge. In Act 2, players will need to go on special missions to uncover more about the nefarious Dead Eye plans and the fate of Lyda.

Next is a listing of the decyphered disks from last month's quest:

This month we bring you the translation of the Cries of Alderaan data disks. The fragments gave 1 of 20 pieces of encoded text that the community worked together for several days to decrypt on the Star Wars Galaxies forums. Here are the decoded messages:


--ALLIANCE EYES ONLY. Pass the word. Lyda managed to get hold of some important info about that secret Imperial project we've heard rumblings about. Now they're after her. They call her Codename Skimmer, ha, if they knew how close they got to her real name! Break. Anyway, keep an eye out for her--she might try to contact you. She's gone deep underground, and we have no idea where she is. Whatever you do, you MUST NOT give up her identity. Break. Also, see what else you can find out about these two things. One, the codename for the secret project is apparently "Dead Eye"; see if you can dig up any more information on it. Two, we need intel on a human doc named Vacca. Looks like he vanished off of Alderaan ten years ago, and of course records from there are hard to come by now (curse the ashes of that slime Tarkin). We need all the information we can get, but DON'T let anyone know you're looking too hard. Break. Word is the Princess is personally interested in this one, so maybe if you get lucky, you can earn yourself a shiny medal too. Grease the power couplings if you need to--the budget is going to stretch if need be. Break. You all know it'll break Lyda's mom's heart if we can't get her home safe. She's lost enough in the last few years, and now her daughter's off risking her neck. Lyda's spunk may have taken her a bit too far this time. Let's be careful out there.


---ENCODED IMPERIAL TRANSMISSION. Confirmation code #15-A86Q. Attention, all officers. Urgent orders enclosed. Summary: an Alliance spy has misappropriated documents. Keywords: Project Dead Eye, Vacca (Doctor), Rebel Alliance.


A Rebel spy, possibly Codename Skimmer, has obtained vital documents related to a secret research project, codenamed Project Dead Eye. These documents are encrypted, and we believe that the Alliance does not have the means to decrypt them, but we cannot permit the risk that the project be revealed. It is urgent that any and all Rebels associated with the delivery of this material be terminated with extreme prejudice.

Loyal Imperial officers are already guarding Doctor Vacca, and security will need to be increased. Deployments in the vicinity of the Project should prepare for emergency personnel requisitions in the event of the Project needing increased manpower.

An informal note: Vacca may work with filthy furbags, but you all know the critical nature of this project. IT MUST NOT SLIP, or Vader will have all our heads, starting with mine.

-Moff Jerjerrod

The other disks should be recovered by now as well. ;)


September 25th, 2003

And judging by my inbox, I'd say many of you didn't even realize I was missing. :D  No, I have not rudely been ignoring your cries for information--I've been away on a very limited-access assignment for the past month.  Those who want to know a little more can check out my post on the message board.  I'll try to get to all the lingering emails by the weekend--patience please. ;)


August 13th, 2003

SWGCraft is a new SWG site in the GameSpy family devoted to all things crafting in Star Wars Galaxies. 

Along with crafting tips, tricks, and instructions, the site also provides some great calculator tools for your use and forums where you can discuss crafting in general, your SWG business activities, or barter with others.

Be sure to stop by, say hi to site manager Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen, and tell him Blade sent you! ;)


August 13th, 2003

SWG Internet Community Specialist Ronda "Princess Playah" Scott was recently cornered by the folks over at Dragon Clan.  Here's a brief glimpse of what she had to say:

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in my job here at LucasArts. My title is, as noted, Internet Community Relations Specialist. LucasArts created this position last year in recognition of its fantastic and very active fan base. When I first started, I was charged with establishing relationships with the fan sites for all of our titles and the Lucas Fan Network ( ). Soon after, I started to work with the platform and genre specific sites (Xbox and RPG sites, for example). And now, nine months into the job, I’m also working with the largest gaming sites as well.

My daily activities include answering lots and lots of email from all the sites we work with. I also coordinate Q&As from all websites, have them answered by the production teams, proofread and then return them. I spend a lot of time finding the most appropriate sites for us to work with for our original titles as well (like Wrath Unleashed and Gladius).

And probably the part of my job I like the most is looking for new ways to bring our games to the gamers. We attended Comic-Con San Diego for the first time ever this year and got to meet hundreds of fans, many of who are playing Star Wars Galaxies. And early next year, we’ll be having a Star Wars Galaxies Fan Fest, bringing players from all over together for the first time.

And yes, this does seem like a dream job for some! I am sure there are many people out there that would love to work in PR for a gaming company. It is a great industry and the people are fantastic. The job often requires juggling many different balls and a fair amount travel, translating into very long days and lots of time away from home. It’s not all fun and games all the time, but overall, I don’t think this job can be beat :-)

You can read the entire interview here.

I know what you are thinking--now if only she needed an assistant.... ;)


August 12th, 2003

I always try to encourage solid roleplaying where I hear of it--and this past weekend, a dedicated Tusken Raider PA known as the Jundlanders held a "kidnapping raid" event on SWG's  Wanderhome server that I was very impressed with.  Here's the story as conveyed by Ummagumma:

There's been a startling and rather disturbing action taken by the Jundlander TR tribe.  The Bothan spynet is clogged with conflicting information on it; fortunately we had an embedded operative who was able to transmit coverage of the event as it happened:

Things started to get tense when a large group of Tuskens suddenly barged into the Cantina in Bestine.  It's not rare to see a smaller group of Sand People converge here, but this was an unusually large gathering, and they seemed immediately to take a particular interest in a regular fixture there, dancer Yi'tse Mina.  Apparently she had seen the writing on the wall when it comes to Tusken Raider aggression, as she had enlisted the services of a bodyguard for protection that night. 

Particular focus on Ti'tse came from tribemember Rukar, who appeared to have a desire to make her some kind of ingratiating gift to the Jundlander Tusken King, Dunes Nomad.  When Rukar started to become physical with the dancer, her bodyguard Tearfell warned him off.  This resulted in a violent duel, which ended up with the unfortunate bodyguard dead on the floor.  With this, the tribe immediately snatched Yi'tse and made off into the desert with her, the echoes of desperate pleas for help all that was left of her in the cantina.

The Raiders then high-tailed it across the desert with their captive, destination unknown, although recent rumors of a gathering hall in the Wastes used by the Jundlanders led one to believe this was where they were headed.  The Jundland Wastes are notoriously dangerous, and this fact was ultimately proven when a sudden attack of indigenous creatures on the group caused enough confusion for Yi'tse to elude her captors, making a mad dash to Mos Espa and the shuttleport there.  Rukar, being the initiator of the abduction, took on the task of racing across the windswept plains of the Tatooine desert to recover her, just as she was ready to board a shuttle to freedom.

Taken back to the ruins which make up the Jundlander gathering hall, the Twi'lek dancer was taken in front of the King, and while supplicating herself, was presented to him as a gift.  She was then demanded to dance for the tribe, her seductive gyrations having a visible effect on even the most hardened Tusken.

After the seductive dance performance, Yi'tse was then thrown unceremoniously into a type of holding cell, her fate resting in the whims the King.  It is lucky for her, however, that the two Tuskens assigned to watch the door began to argue amongst each other, perhaps disputing who would enjoy the Twi'lek's charms when their leader was finished with her.  At any rate, Yi'tse took this opportunity to elude her captors once again, slipping out the door during the distraction and running off into the setting suns of the desert to freedom.

While the story may have a happy ending for Yi'tse Mina, the future looks less cheery for the rest of the citizens of Tatooine on Wanderhome.  The Jundlanders have now struck against those outlanders who have taken residence on their homeworld.  We will never be safe again.

Here are some pics of the event as it unfolded (click to enlarge):


Glad to see more groups are starting to make their servers really their own with player events such as this -- I look forward to encountering others who try to increase the immersion of the game in this fashion.  Good luck with your further raids Jundlanders (but not too much luck--heh)!


August 7th, 2003

OK--so it isn't exactly the FIRST official SWG newsletter--but it IS the first official newsletter since the game's release.  Kevin "Q-3PO" O'Hara continues his community duties by recapping what's been going on in the first month of play:

Welcome to the first Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided monthly newsletter (since launch). The purpose of this newsletter is to let you know what has been happening in the SWG community this past month and to give you a little indication of where we are headed.

On June 26th, the game officially launched and quickly became the fastest growing Massively Multiplayer Online game in history. We’re very happy with how our community has grown so far and are encouraged by the number of people sticking with us beyond the first month. Most of that month we had daily updates to fix exploits and enhance server stability. While we still have more that we want to do, the game is coming along fairly well.

We’ve recently started our Profession Correspondent program. This is where community members on the official forums are selected to represent each profession. They collect the opinions of the specific community and organize them for our developers to read through. We were careful to select people who had the interest of the game in mind instead of people who want to make their profession better than others. During August we will begin working closely with the Correspondents to address their top issues.

Also in early August we will release our first major update. Currently on the Test Center galaxy, this update adds additional fixes, features and content. Feel free to take a sneak peek at what is coming on the In Testing page of the website.

Finally, August begins the first chapter of our Monthly Storyline, The Cries of Alderaan. Join thousands of other players as they compete or work together to find Imperial and Rebel secret datadisks. These coded disks contain secret messages that foreshadow a much larger plot.

Finally, the question on everyone’s mind is who will be the first to unlock the mysterious Force Sensitive slot? The Developers aren’t talking but expect some player to figure it out within the next couple of months. The new question is, will the first Jedi tell everyone and risk exposure to the Empire…

Looks like things are beginning to move forward.

The newsletter also contained a glimpse of a player city bank in development (click to enlarge):

Lastly, they showcased another fan site.  Congrats to SWG Resource Center for being highlighted this month!


July 18th, 2003

GameSpy has two noteworthy articles that I thought I'd share for those who missed it.

On the lighter side of the galaxy, that rascally Fargo has written a new SWG piece loosely based on his very own Mon Calamari character, entitled "Fashion and Passion in the Star Wars Galaxies".

Here's an excerpt:

I was a little slow on the uptake when it came to Star Wars Galaxies. At first, I was excited! And then, ten minutes later, I was face down in a crevice on some strange planet getting devoured by what appeared to be little bunny rabbits.

I didn't remember anything like that happening in the movies.
But gradually my character, a Mon Calamari named "Farglik Marsbar," began to spring to life. He blossomed like a Tatooinian desert flower. He took on a life of his own....

You can read all about the life trials and tribulations of the infamous Farglik in the original story here.

Next, GameSpy has an early review of their impressions of the game itself.  Given my own experiences with SWG, I think it's a generally fair assessment (with a few incorrect details regarding gameplay).  Here's a brief look at what they had to say:

Wow. Reviewing Star Wars Galaxies. Talk about your tough assignments. How do you review a childhood fantasy? For that matter, how do you review the "Living in the Star Wars universe" fantasy that currently lives inside the head of every gamer worth their salt? Indeed, peruse any message board and what you come across is passionate argument on both sides. One half of the gaming community would have you believe that Star Wars Galaxies is the greatest betrayal since a guy named Judas picked up 30 silver coins and the other half is currently too busy trying to get into Jabba's Palace or crafting Armorweave to do mundane things like talk… or eat… or go to the bathroom.

So where does the truth lie? As in most cases, somewhere in the middle. It must be acknowledged that, as a gaming experience and as a commercial product, Star Wars Galaxies is a huge, bug-infested mess. It suffers from the kinds of issues that plague nearly every MMO around launch time - broken servers, broken quests, buggy gameplay, lack of content - and adds to it some unique Galaxies issues such as infrequent patching and truly poor customer service all, at a premium price.

Yet for all that, why do I think about the game all the time? Why, even in the middle of writing this review, did I sneak into the game to see whether or not that cool coat I put a bid on in the bazaar has finally come through? Why am I so proud that my Twi'lek scout has finally managed to get enough Imperial faction points to become a Lance Corporal in Palpatine's New Order? Why am I having so much fun in a game that frequently drives me insane?

I Can Take You as Far as Anchorhead…

If there's one thing that can't be faulted in the game, it's the visuals. The instant you finish creating your character and work your way through the comprehensive tutorial, you will never have a doubt that you are truly in the Star Wars universe. In fact, even if you discount the Star Wars appeal of the game, the landscapes and cityscapes in the game are simply beautiful. While they start with the architecture and color schemes of the movies, they expand and vary so much as you travel that I can easily believe that these are viable, living cultures.

You can read the entire article here.

The reviewer goes on to say that despite his irritation at the initial bugs, SWG is the most fun he's ever had in an MMO.

My take: the bugs will get worked out, the content of player cities, vehicles, and space is coming.  This game is only going to get better and I'm already having a blast.  I look forward to what lies ahead....


July 11th, 2003

Please forgive the cheap Seinfeld reference--I couldn't resist and some of you bloody well know it. ;)

Anyhoo--not everyone has seen this on the official site, so I thought I'd post it here.  Kevin "Q-3PO" O'Hara is looking for volunteers as "correspondents" for each profession.  The role is apparently a monthly one in which the volunteer player will attempt to filter through the concerns being levied by the community for that given profession, and convey the relevant/important items to the dev team in a concise report.  But here's the full Q spiel posted to each Profession forum on the official boards:

  • Are you knowledgeable about the [PROFESSION NAME] profession?

  • Can you objectively identify relevant issues and distinguish them from simply passionate arguments?

  • Do you like organizing information and corresponding with other members of a community?

 The Development Team is looking for a volunteer correspondent for the [PROFESSION NAME] Profession. Participation is completely voluntary and you can stop helping out at any time. We’re just looking for someone who can help us sort through the various issues for this profession.


If this is something you are interested in, please write a short paragraph on why you think you would be a good candidate and email it to Please put [PROFESSION NAME] in the Subject Line and include your SWG handle in the message. By submitting this email to us, you agree to allow us to contact you in connection with Star Wars Galaxies and agree that all correspondence with and material submitted to SOE will be the exclusive property of SOE and SOE may use such materials without limitation and in its sole discretion.


After we have reviewed the submissions, we will pick one person to be our correspondent. We will set them up with a special community title here on the forums and ask them to help highlight for us the relevant issues relating to this profession.


Don’t get too attached to the title though; In the interest of well-rounded feedback, once a month we may select a new correspondent. Please do not take that personally, we just want to be fair and give other people an opportunity.


We will still continue to monitor the forums and read as many threads as we can. The correspondent is just to help us focus on the top issues of the profession.

He posted the exact same letter to all the profession forums, which is why I simply replaced the actual names with "[PROFESSION NAME]" above.  If you are interested in doing this for a particular profession--be sure to email them with the appropriate name in the subject line.


July 11th, 2003

I know, I know--sure seems like Blade hasn't posted news in awhile.  Well, let's just say that I'm having "difficulty" adjusting to the Live side of things.  First--the Prima Play Guide to SWG is very much worth the price.  I highly recommend you pick up a copy.  The book is chock-full of stats and info such as those I listed in the post below.  And no, I don't currently plan to simply regurgitate the Prima info/tables on this site, so I'm left with attempting to bring other noteworthy news that you might not regularly get for now. 

Suffice it to say that this means you might not see stories as frequently as in the past for the time being--since noteworthy items don't typically surface that you can't discern for yourselves by actively playing the game.  And I've never simply wanted this site to just be another canned walk-through.  Yes, there are a myriad of bugs and balancing issues they are working diligently on---but just trying to keep up with the status of each of those is a bit like tilting at windmills, and isn't ultimately very helpful to you all.  As I've stated before, changes to this site in one form or another are likely coming--but the transition is drawing out longer than I anticipated.

I'll try to keep you all informed as things progress (or digress as the case may be--heh).  Thanks again for the kind words from visitors both old and new over the past few weeks--it does mean a lot. :)


July 1st, 2003

I've received a number of different "guides" from players eager to help the rest of you out with getting started in this game.  If you don't want to know this info, stop reading now. ;)

First, let me share a table provided by Rimarath regarding starting attribute point modifiers for each species:

Species Attribute Modifiers
Species Health Str Const Action Quick Stam Mind Focus Will
Bothan 0 0 0 300 300 100 100 100 100
Human 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Mon Cal 0 0 0 0 0 150 300 300 150
Rodian 0 0 0 200 200 450 0 0 50
Trandoshan 250 300 400 0 0 0 0 0 100
Twi'lek 0 0 250 250 300 0 100 0 0
Wookiee 350 350 150 200 100 100 100 150 100
Zabrak 200 0 0 300 0 0 0 0 400

Adding those up, we get the Total Distributable Points by Species :

Bothan 1000
Human 900
Mon Cal 900
Rodian 900
Trandoshan 1050
Twi'lek 0
Wookiee 1600
Zabrak 900

Those numbers aren't exactly surprising.  here are added skills bonuses for the various species as well:

  • Bothan: +15 camo., +10 cover

  • Human: +10 leadership, +15 artisan exp.

  • Mon cal: +15 alertness, +10 weapon assy. & structure assy.

  • Rodian: +15 def. vs blind, +10 1h, 2h, weapon assy.

  • Trandoshan: +10 unarmed acc. & melee def. & creature harvesting, +5 unarmed speed, +15 unarmed dam., +1 regen

  • Twi'lek: +5 wound healing music & fatigue healing music, +15 wound healing dance & fatigue healing dance

  • Wookiee: +10 trapping & taming & creature handling & warcry, +1 roar (no armor)

  • Zabrak: +10 def. vs dizzy & def. vs stun & def. vs intim, +5 anti-shock, +1 vitalize, +1 equilib.

There are also potentially attribute modifiers for professions as well, but I'm looking into some of the specific numbers that I've been given thus far...I'll post once I'm sure.

Next, is a very nicely done Character Creation Guide by LedMirage.  He's compiled alot of good information to think about in the creation of your character--especially if this is your first time in an MMORPG.

Last, but not least, is an in-depth SWG Computer Compatibility Guide by Barone (download)In it, he gives some great detailed procedures for testing your equipment for both limitations and compatibility issues that are possibly the culprit in issues of computer lock-ups and crashes.


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Copyright © 2001-2003 by Blade.   That means no one may steal, borrow, or copy anything from this site without my exclusive, special, privileged, nurtured, all-powerful, final, unequivocal, legally binding, written consent.   TIE fighter created by Zach McCain.  Thanks Zach!

And of course, you should all know by now that  Star Wars, and its related references, names, and images, are exclusive properties of LucasFilm Ltd.  The game, Star Wars Galaxies, is likewise the property of LucasArts.  In other words, it's George's world folks--we're just playing with it.