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Coaching A Dynasty

Coaching a Dynasty (CAD) is a new college basketball text-based simulation game developed by Arlie Rahn. Players will try and build a basketball dynasty with shrewd recruiting and good coaching.

CAD is now only $9.95!

CAD Version 3.54 has been dropped in price to $9.95 as a back to school special. It makes a great gift and can be purchased here through elicense.

Here are some of the new changes in version 3.54. If you own version 3.50 or later, simply download the patch in the downloads section. For more information on these and other new features, please check the Game Features.

6/14/02 - CAD was reviewed and given an 85/100 by John Griffin of OperationSports.com. Click here to check out the full review!

CAD does cost $24.99 to register and can be done by clicking Purchase and following the instructions. Without registering, you are limited to playing just a single season. So, those of you on the fence can test drive the ultimate coaching sim for college basketball before purchasing!

CAD Question
How important to you is it that CAD have an elicense (no paypal)?
Very Important
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CAD Question
What feature in the update are you looking forward to most?
Bubble Watch
Additional Ratings (Grades)
League and National records
Expanded awards
Add in JC recruits
Offseason training improvement
ACT Tourney

Current Results
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Last modified: February 26, 2002