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Welcome to Brave-Heart.Net 

Developed by Scotland based Red Lemon Studios and published by Eidos Interactive, Braveheart is a PC game, based on the Academy Award-winning film directed by and starring Mel Gibson. Film excerpts and dialogue from the original movie have been included, plus hours of new dialogue from Angus McFadyen who plays Robert the Bruce in the film.

Whether you're new to the community or a Braveheart community veteran, we hope you find this site to be of some use to you. Brave-Heart.Net contains many pages filled with strategy tips and other useful information to make your Braveheart playing experience easier.

The following documents were compiled and put together by our great Staff here at Brave-Heart.Net, Carl and Wee Tim:

  • Tips from Shaggus MacHaggis contains lots of tips for various aspects of Braveheart including Weapons, Fighting, Trading, Money, Building, Diplomacy and more!
  • Braveheart Help is written by Dave Sharp who worked on Braveheart. It contains details of technical problems and information that was not included in the Braveheart manual!
  • FAQ's is the place to go for any gameplay questions you may have. So if you can't train your armies, stop the plague or unite Scotland for example, visit the FAQ's section for the answers!
  • Technical Support, compiled by Carl, should answer all your technical related Braveheart questions.
  • Lords Laird contains useful tips and tricks sent in by you, the Braveheart community!
  • If you want an alternative viewpoint for some of the major Braveheart related news items and announcements, then perhaps a trip to our Wee Tim section is in order!
If you are new to the game then we urge you, if you have not yet done so, to download and install the very latest Braveheart patch. These patches fix many problems the original version contained and are very much recommended. Patches for both the USA and European versions of Braveheart can be found in our Downloads section.

Although we no longer post daily news to the site, we will continue to update the site with new content! Feedback and comments are always welcomed and should be directed to Cali Girl.

We hope you enjoy your stay here at Brave-Heart.Net and bookmark us to visit again soon!

- Brave-Heart.Net Staff

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