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02/02 - Sheep Cheats arrive!
01/30 - Good review, bad score?
01/12 - Monster Review
01/05 - Sheep Lacks Humor
Shot of the Week
ZAP! Check out this funny movie from Sheep, where the band's performance just goes all bad!

Friday, February 02, 2001

Sheep Cheats arrive!
02/02/01 - 09:20 PST - Todd Northcutt
Whether we like to admit it or not, everyone likes to cheat now and then. Shortly before the release of Sheep, there were a number of cheats floating about... all of them false. Yessir, not a single one worked!

Fortunately for you I, SHEEP has the inside line on cheating in Sheep!

Straight from the mouth of the developers come Sheep cheats! There are some pecularities between US and non-US versions, so be sure to read the cheats page carefully! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Good review, bad score?
01/30/01 - 12:26 PST - Todd Northcutt
Now here's a strange twist. PC Strategy Gamer have reviewed our beloved title, Sheep, and given it a mere 3/5 stars. However, the review ends like this:
Empire Interactive and developer Minds Eye have released a gem of a game upon an unsuspecting gaming public. If you’re up for a challenge pick this one up.
OK... so how do you explain that? If a gem only rates three stars what do we call four and five star games?

Friday, January 12, 2001

Monster Review
01/12/01 - 17:18 PST - Todd Northcutt
Good gracious. I love Sheep. But I'm not sure I could delve into it in the detail that FiringSquad did. Their just-published review is whopping six pages long!

The final score is merely 60%, so I'm afraid of what they'd do with a game they really liked!

Friday, January 05, 2001

Gamecenter says: "Sheep Lacks Humor"
01/05/01 - 09:54 PST - Todd Northcutt
What!! WHAT?!? You read that headline right, boys and girls. Among "the bad" in Gamecenter's recent review of Sheep was listed "Lacks humor and charm". Many could say the same of their website, but we just won't go there, will we? Ultimately, they give the game a measley 5/10 and suggest you leave it on the shelf.

We suggest that you don't bother clicking on the above link, leaving Gamecenter "on the shelf".

Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Sheep Contest
12/19/00 - 15:53 PST - Todd Northcutt
If you're from Europe, you're in luck! Eurogamer are holding a great Sheep-themed contest where you could win a "rucksack" filled with wonderous Sheep goodies! In this "rucksack" (I think that's British for backpack) you will find a copy of the PlayStation version of the game, a Sheep mouse mat, a Sheep camera, a Sheep wallet, and a little Sheep poster.

That, my friends, is a lot of Sheep! Hurry on over and enter to win!

Tuesday, November 21, 2000

Sheep Protest!
11/21/00 - 17:19 PST - Todd Northcutt
Shortly before Sheep hit shelves in London on November 17th, several giant sheep were observed taking part in a protest. While no details are available regarding exactly WHAT was under protest, we do have some nice pictures of the sheep! This was the second appearance of the sheep prior to launch.

Review at BarrysWorld
11/21/00 - 17:16 PST - Todd Northcutt
Our fine friends from across the Pond (BarrysWorld) have reviewed Sheep, giving it an 8 out of 10. Unlike the lunks at Daily Radar they found the soundtrack and in-game sounds to be enjoyable. Included in the review are several very nice screenshots from some of the later missions in the game. A must-read if you're still on the fence regarding buying this game. (Thanks, Joost)

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Sheep Demo Out!
11/15/00 - 19:23 PST - Todd Northcutt
Our Fine Friends at FilePlanet have made the Sheep Demo available for download! The 53 MB download gives a taste (mmm... wool) of what the full game has to offer. You'll be able to play as Bo Peep (one of the four shepherds in the full game) guiding one of the sheep breeds through the first level of the game. Point that browser towards FilePlanet and let the downloading begin!

Pre-launch Frollicking!
11/15/00 - 09:21 PST - Todd Northcutt
It seems that London was stormed by huge stuffed sheep yesterday, in anticipation of the Nov. 17 launch of the game. Three life-sized sheep appeared at the Christmas Illumination, hosted by pop-singer Billie Piper.

The sheep were seen prancing among the crowd - even posing with London Mayor Ken Livingstone. We have the scoop from Empire Interactive on the whole show - head on over and check it out!

Fake Cheats
11/15/00 - 07:35 PST - Todd Northcutt
I've seen reports of cheats for Sheep floating about the Internet. I have it on good authority that these are, in fact, fakes! Given that the game isn't even out yet in many countries (translations are still in progress for French, German, Spanish and Italian among others) Empire have yet to release any of the cheats. Try them all you like, though - they won't work :)