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December 13, 2003 - StarTopia Post News

The Last Thing You Ever Expected...
12/13/2003 | 01:08 PST - AlphaOmega
Several weeks ago I got an email from ex-Mucky Dimes, and then very, very rudely, never got around to posting what he had for us.

Well, I'd like to apologize to Dimes for taking so long... And finally... Here it is:

Two BRAND-SPANKIN'-NEW unreleased missions by Mucky Foot!

Here's the info he sent me on them: "These were written and tested earlier in the year, when Muckyfoot were looking to see if it was viable to develop a Xbox version, with extra missions. Unfortunately no new speech was recorded, so there maybe only text at times.

Grab them in the Mods Section.

What can we all say but a collective... "Wowthanks."

November 17, 2003 - StarTopia Post News

Goodbye... Mucky Foot
11/17/2003 | 00:45 PST - AlphaOmega
Mucky Foot Productions, the fantastic development team behind StarTopia, closed its doors this month after a cancellation of their current major project, Bullet Proof Monk. The close puts nearly 50 staff out of work.

Over the years since StarTopia's release, Mucky Foot has gone above and beyond what is normally expected of a developer. For the community of devoted StarTopia gamers, not only were endless patches and extras dished out, but with apparently infinite patience (and humor), the staff constantly assisted individual users with their problems.

A special thank you is owed to Tom F, Marie C and Mike B for their long lasting devotion. Even after Mucky Foot had moved to newer projects, they never stopped helping out in the forums.

As one voice, the community would like to say...

Thank you.

Goodbye Mucky Foot, and good luck... Wherever life takes you.

On a personal note, although this doesn't mean the end of StarTopia Post, things will defiantly be slowing down after this, so I'd like to offer my own thank you's.

Thank you...
Uncle Mikey, Tex, and the original crew, for making this site happen.
Syzlak, for handing it over.
Slink, for giving the world many more hours of enjoyment with your mods.
All you other modders, for putting in the effort to make the game better.
Ed Mack, for all the knowledge.
Croc, for running the channel.
Gamespy, for the hosting. (even if you did ruin it with ads.)
Everyone who’s ever participated in the StarTopia forums, for actually letting there be a community.
Arctic_Wolf, for sticking it out in there longest, and being the pseudo-mod when I wasn't there. :)
Dharma, for actually being the mod when I wasn't there.
and of course...
Mucky Foot, for the game, the laughs... and the support. (and the art and the poster. :D)

Goodbye Mucky Foot.

October 12, 2003 - StarTopia Post News

The Best Software EVER
10/12/2003 | 12:49 PST - AlphaOmega
For years modders have wished for a piece of software that would make their hobby easier... Modding is no easy task as you can imagine, and often one tiny syntax error will throw everything off. Finally... Modders have a hero, (okay, another hero, we can never forget Slink) and a solution!

From XenoByte comes without a doubt, the cleanest, most stable, most useful modding tool ever presented to the StarTopia Post. I can't even begin to describe all its features, so hurry over to our Modding Tools section and grab your copy. If you want to mod, this is a MUST.

Thank you Xenobyte!

June 20, 2003 - StarTopia Post News

StarTopia Post is On Vacation!
6/20/2003 | 14:31 PST - AlphaOmega
Sometimes even massive game sites need some time off, and StarTopia Post has been working hard for almost 3 years now to bring you the highest quality, thick juicy news and more. The poor old Post is worn out to the point where her creative and talented staff are worried the post is going to go on a naked turdite flinging breakdown (just like that Syzlak guy did). We've decided it's in the best interest of the Post, and everyone around its health, to give it a two month vacation somewhere warm.

All the fine content offered on the Post will still be around for you to see, but for the next two months, there will be no updates or news. If you are still dying for some live StarTopia related interaction, check out our forums!

Cya all in two months, and thanks for staying with us all this time!

June 14, 2003 - StarTopia Post News

And The Winners Are...
6/14/2003 | 13:06 PST - AlphaOmega
When playing StarTopia, there comes a point when you beat the game so many times, you simply get bored. Then you turn to the sandbox, and when you get bored of the sandbox, you turn to the Fan Made Missions! I'm sure many or all of you in your time with StarTopia have enjoyed a few Fan Missions, and never really thought about where it came from. Well, those fine extensions of your game come from Modders, and those Modders have put many, many hours into producing these amazing Missions to keep you interested. And, you ask, why do they do it? Is it for money? For glory? For fame? No... These people do it for their love of the game!

Never before have these Modders received any type of reward for their craft... But now, three of our most talented Modders have been chosen to receive the prize of the "Best Fan Mission Ever". Those Modders and their mods are:

First Place - Sandra Linkletter for "Slink's Missions"
Second Place - Mark Richardson for "Hyperspace Station"
Third Place - Mark Richardson and Peter Stevens for "The Yetucyun Guild"

They have won some amazing prizes, an original piece of game art, a StarTopia T-Shirt, a StarTopia Mousepad and nice inked pencils

Again, thank you very much to MuckyFoot for the prizes, and for keeping the fires of interest burning. Thanks to everyone for voting, and have a great summer!

June 8, 2003 - StarTopia Post News

6/8/2003 | 15:56 PST - AlphaOmega
The list of contest entrys has been compiled, and now it's time to vote for your favorite fan created mission! You can view the contest info page here with a list of the missions so you can try them out, or jump right to the voting page here!

Note: Due to the nature of the voting system, voting more then once will invalidate your vote.

Voting ends on the 14th of June.

June 1, 2003 - StarTopia Post News

Contest News, Ups, Downs and Fixes!
6/1/2003 | 16:42 PST - AlphaOmega
The contest entry period is now over! Stay tuned over the next few days for the voting page!

As time passes, some of our fine fansites become inactive, and then eventually disappear from view completely. I’m sad to report that Starspost is now gone for good. (Thanks for the tip C.N. Pietersz.)

In good news though, The StarTopia League, a cool extension of the multiplayer gaming system of StarTopia (which any player who likes playing multiplayer should check out), is back online!

Sometimes even webmasters make mistakes, and thanks to the keen eyes and ears of Steven and Doug, we can put it right. On the files page, the music track “What’s in This Room” now points to the proper link, so go have a listen!

May 21, 2003 - StarTopia Post News

This Contest Ain't Over Yet...
5/21/2003 | 07:47 PST - AlphaOmega
Hey StarTopians, just a quick note to let you all know our new contest isn't over, but has been set back due to a massive hardware failure on our end. So I'm afraid were going to have to start from scratch. If you emailed us an entry previously, please resend it, and it will be quickly entered.

The new deadline for entrys is the 1st of June.

Also if you sent us any email in about the last two weeks and were ignored, please resend it. Our apologies for all this guys!

April 23, 2003 - StarTopia Post News

The Best Mission Contest (Part 1)
4/23/2003 | 22:53 PST - AlphaOmega

To celebrate StarTopia's up and coming second birthday, (the 30th of May), StarTopia Post and Mucky Foot are teaming up to bring you a new contest!

The mission of this contest is to vote on your favorite fan made mission, but before we can do that, we need to create a list of the mods that have been made so far.

Although the StarTopia Post has a large collection of mods, we will not be adding any into this contest unless the author contacts us. So, if you have made a mod, you can have it added to the list and be entered into the contest if you just drop me a line @ alphaomega@strategyplanet.com

The following info will be needed to list your entry:

The Title of Your Mod:
Your Handle:
Your Real Name:
Your Email:
A Brief Description of the Mod:
Download URL (or attach if not online):

Now I know what you're thinking... "Pffft, I am too busy to be cool and win a contest." So we're going to make this worth your while! Mucky Foot has been kind enough to provide us with the following PRIZES (what place gets what is to be decided later):

-An original piece of game art
-A StarTopia T-Shirt
-A StarTopia Mousepad
-Nice inked pencils

April 18, 2003 - StarTopia Post News

StarTopia League is GO!
4/18/2003 | 14:29 PST - AlphaOmega
In search of a way to keep the StarTopia flame of interest burning, MunkeeChum from the forums has created the "StarTopia League". The idea is simple, there is a graphical game board of the StarTopia universe, and each registered player has a "station" on it. The objective of the game is to win all the stations! You can take over someone else's station by besting them in a one on one match online!

Check out his website for more info: Here

(At the time of this post, the site was down, so hopefully it will be back up soon.)